1. wpowner's Avatar
    Hi, I am new to ATT and Windows Phones. So far I love the phone, but I need information on the Messaging Tile options.

    I have tried everything under the sun and maybe I just don't understand if this is how it is supposed to be or I have configured something wrong. Every time I use the switcher to make an option to choose between Facebook chat and Messenger - Messenger ALWAYS shows contact as offline. I get the message "<name of contact> is offline, but available on Facebook". I even had the other person log onto their desktop messenger client (WLM) and my phone still shows that person as offline. However, I can still send and receive messenger chats even though the phone displays this incorrectly.

    Why does my phone always say the contact is offline, but they are available on Facebook? I am not a huge fan of Facebook, and I would like the phone to show appropriately they are online for messenger also.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    04-28-2012 01:08 PM
  2. GregL2012's Avatar
    I have this issue as well on Rogers network in Canada.. Really looking for an answer on this...oh and sending a pic is EXTREMELY SLOW!
    11-30-2012 11:20 AM