1. emg.99's Avatar
    Has anyone figured out a way to turn off the sound when plugging in the phone? I've turned off the "All other notifications" in the Ringtones & Sounds Settings, but this doesn't do it.
    05-06-2012 03:03 PM
  2. jd914's Avatar
    Why on earth would you want to disable it? Not like it's anywhere near annoying or distracting. BTW Theres no way to disable it.
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    05-06-2012 03:07 PM
  3. emg.99's Avatar
    It is annoying for the other person who's trying to sleep when I plug it in! :D
    Funny I had an old Windows Mobile 8125 that I feel like I had more control over than this phone!
    05-06-2012 03:15 PM
  4. Verkunder's Avatar
    Use your finger to cover the speaker, or plug it in before the person goes to sleep?

    I swear people are complaining about the tiniest things.
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    05-07-2012 08:48 AM
  5. pderosa's Avatar
    It the phone is on vibrate, the sounds does not play. The phone will vibrate when you plug it in though.
    05-07-2012 09:42 AM
  6. pzoli's Avatar
    BTW to be honest, my opinion is exactly the same as the one of emg.99. This is a stupid feature and it would absolutely make sense to make it possible to disable it. It is simply disturbing for others.
    01-23-2013 04:01 PM