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    Since WP Mango has a preset resolution, a phone the size of the Titan II will obviously suffer the most by having such a big screen. Im assuming that Microsoft will mitigate the resolution issue with WP8, but will that make a difference to Titan owners?

    Would you expect WP8 to be an update available to existing Windows phones or will we need to buy a new phone? If we can update to 8, would they be able to improve the resolution via software update or would it also require some hardware changes?

    What about the quality of the camera, sound, the battery life? Those are mostly hardware, but I would assume they could improve the Auto settings on the camera (I have heard that there are camera apps that work better than the default app). I have also heard that while the speakers can get pretty loud, clarity is lost when you have the volume all the way up. Is that something that could be improved via software updates or is that just the quality of the speakers?

    Im assuming HTC isnt going to be too concerned with any of this, but maybe MS will?
    05-13-2012 06:58 PM