1. havok13888's Avatar
    Whenever I'm listening to music on my hd7 Microsoft tell me opens randomly waiting for a voice command. Its annoying because the phone is in my pocket and I need to remove it cancel it and restart my music. Sometimes the volume goes up to max or down to zero. Sometimes it just pauses the music.

    Its so random its like the device is possessed when I listen to music. I can't use it while exercising because I have to micromanage these problems. It happens at least twice during one song and only when I'm on earphones.

    any help?
    05-19-2012 11:38 AM
  2. awesumjon's Avatar
    I've had this problem before on another device. It may be that the headphones aren't in correctly or are loose, some 3rd party buds may have this random effect, or just aren't 1st party. I find this happens more with a pair of buds that have a mic and aren't 1st party.

    And I don't think it's called TellMe yet.

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    05-22-2012 10:23 PM
  3. havok13888's Avatar
    Hmm... I guess because of the Sony buds I am using but it's such a random problem. Oh well I'm hoping to upgrade to WP8 soon. Hope they have these kind of edge case problems resolved :)
    07-02-2012 05:31 PM
  4. Bailey HD7's Avatar
    I have this same issue with mine, though i can confirm it is because of the headphones. I have an otterbox style case that doesnt' let the headphones go in 100%. When I wiggle the tip in the jack or put pressure on it forceing it up toward the home button or to the side, it will open the voice command prompt every time. Just have to be sure the headphones are in all the way and it doesn't seem to be a problem.
    Also, from time to time when I unplug the headphones and the charger at the same time, the screen will hard lockup, and i'll have to take out the battery to reset it. I can still hear the phone working, and i can take pictures for example (I can view them after a reset), but the screen stays frozen on the lock screen. Weird. Anyway, now you know. Hope that helps in some way.
    07-04-2012 12:22 PM
  5. Baldo Ficalora's Avatar
    ive also had this issue, this is related to the headphones problem, certain headphones will cause the HTC to freak out lol
    04-02-2013 08:42 AM
  6. kerene kizyala's Avatar
    i need help with my phone if i put ear buds on my phone the ear buds he doesn't work so i need help with that
    11-15-2013 05:32 PM