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    Please sign this petition I set up.

    Petition T-Mobile should act: signal sharing with Orange is malfunctioning

    T-Mobile has implemented signal sharing with Orange. In theory this should enhance coverage--particularly 3G coverage--for T-Mobile customers.

    The reality is that this signal sharing is not working properly. T-Mobile customers' phones are constantly getting stuck on Orange transmitters even when there is good T-Mobile reception available. This can mean customers have barely 1 bar of low-speed 2G ("G") Orange signal even when there is strong T-Mobile 3G signal available in the area.

    T-Mobile say they have activated "smart signal sharing" which should prevent the above from occurring. However, this has failed to fix the problem.

    T-Mobile say customers can't opt out of the new scheme. It needs to take notice that for many of its customers the signal sharing scheme is counter-productive and *reduces* the quality of the service they are getting.

    Please sign this petition so that T-Mobile/OFCOM realize the extent of this problem.
    05-28-2012 08:03 AM