1. CommutinJoe's Avatar
    The microphone and speaker are both not functioning when I make a phone call. Speaker phone works fine, but regular headset use is not working. I checked my settings, did a soft reset, etc. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas/similar experiences?
    08-26-2012 07:00 PM
  2. jfa1's Avatar
    What about the TTY TTD setting in ease of access if thats turned pon ionstyead of off that could be your answer.
    08-26-2012 10:18 PM
  3. CommutinJoe's Avatar
    Problem solved. I had a dirty earphone jack. I cleaned it out with a qtip and the phone i back to normal. I guess the debris tricked the phone into thinking that a headset/microphone was plugged in.
    08-27-2012 12:23 PM