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    Alright, awhile ago (probably about two years ago), I signed up through Best Buy's "Choose Phone Freedom" promotion. I completely forgot about it but my renewal date was in their system and on Nov 17th I received an email from BB saying that IF I bought my new phone through them by Dec 31st, I would get a $50 gift card.

    Well, I decided to give this a try in combination with BB's price matching. I first went to a BB Mobile and told them that Walmart had it for free and asked them to price match it. He said he would. Then I showed him my phone and the link and he said that it would work. I then screwed up and asked him if he could order me the white phone instead of the black one they had in stock but this brought up a problem about the price matching online with the order. He called his district manager to see how he could price match it online and came back with "good news/bad news". Good news was that he could order the white one online and it would be here in 3 days or so at the same cost as Walmart (free). The bad news was that this promotion was an either/or (i.e. I couldn't get the $50 card). He then told me that the two systems that the gift card was on (reward points) and the phones were actually not connected but his District manager told him "no".

    So I told him that I was just going to go to Walmart then and get a white version...I then got the idea to go to the normal BB store (not the mobile one) and try my luck there (but this time not ask them to order the white version).

    The lady said "sure" and brought my purchase up...the screen showed the $50 gift certificate and she ran it through. However a new problem came up...with the price match, at the very end screen the coupon wouldn't print off...at this point I'm thinking that the systems do talk to each other "somewhat". The lady was a bit confused and just chaulked it up to a system malfunction attributed to the price match. She then got her boss who in turn called some tech support. Tech support said "ok" and put me in the system to get a gift card emailed to me.

    So, bottom line....

    I went to BB, got them to Pricematch Walmart for "free", got a black 822, they said that a $50 gift certificate through "Phone Freedom" was coming my way via email and would take about 3 days.

    I believe you have to be a reward zone member for this to work and then sign up through the above link. It doesn't suppose to work according to the GM but I think it did for me (will find out for sure in 3 days). I will let you know if/when I get my gift card! Hopefully this is a loophole that wpcentral can take advantage of! I mean, paying me $50 for a Lumia 822 sounds like a pretty good deal!

    [edited] I just went back to the website and saw this note. It appears that you had to sign up waaay ahead of time.
    "The deadline to reserve your $50 Best Buy gift card was 2/12/12."
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    11-20-2012 06:22 PM
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    Just go the $50 gift card via email today! awesome!

    I know most of you won't be able to take advantage of it because you had to sign up before 2/12/12...but for those of you that did sign up for it...please follow what I did above as an example. From my discussions, it should not have worked, but I was a lucky one! Now, if BB would just get some accessories in, I'd have something to spend this $50 on! And by the way...just came over from a HTC Thunderbolt (android) and I'm LOVING this phone! My only hesitation originally was that I wanted pureview. Well, I'm not experiencing any buyers remorse (at least not yet!).

    Great phone.
    11-21-2012 10:03 PM

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