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    Have just got my first new Lumia 900 (Cyan) smartphone and am getting my head around its capabilities, having migrated from a dumb old Sony J200i (nevertheless it has done me well for many years). Love the Lumia - with the most recent upgrade synch via Zune it comes out of sleep mode quicker and scrolling seems much smoother, most of all the screen is bright and big - I can actually see the damn thing in daylight!!

    However I seem to have fallen into a trap others also appear to have experienced judging from web searching - the initial WinLive account setup. I gather from forums that, once established, thats it (other than a complete phone reset). Like some others I initially used an existing ISP email address for the WinLive account, but could not get it to logon. My GMail and Facebook accounts work fine. I eventually set up a new WinLive2 account creating a new hotmail address - that seems to be working but am not certain of that as I am not a hotmail user. However the primary WinLive account has the "Attention required" error showing and, as soon as I turn WiFi on, it wants a correct password. Have only used one password and on entering it I get "Couldnt sign in - username or password dont seem to be working".

    The fact there are two WinLive accounts doesnt really worry me but I do wonder if the newly established contacts list (all entered from scratch) is in fact being synch'ed and backed up? Pics and music are synching OK with Zune, but there is no indication of anything associated with the Contacts listing so, if they are being synch'ed, where to and how does one get access to or restore the list from that source?? It has taken several hours to enter them, so I dont want to repeat that process if a reset is required or some other problem occurs. Ideally it would be good to save all that info out to a csv (or similar) file - I already have most of it in a spreadsheet but dont see any way to import that data. GMail is not my main email agent, but I guess an option is to get all the contacts into that and let the phone synch with it?? Can one export contact from the phone list to GMail or Facebook or some other account?

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me. Thanks in advance ...............
    11-29-2012 03:26 AM
  2. Bazzaw's Avatar
    A quick update since last night. I logged on to https://login.live.com/ and altered the Windows Live account back to the original email address/pw, verified it and now the Lumia 900 is synching properly. Have managed to install several apps including a contact backup one that has uploaded them to Skydrive, so I now have a copy on the PC as well. Touch wood - all operating OK.
    11-29-2012 06:25 PM

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