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    Turns out that I can't use both Wifi and Bluetooth simultaneously on my Omnia 7:
    - when Wifi's on, Bluetooth does not detect my devices (my wireless sound bar, for instance)
    - when I turn Bluetooth on first, then connect to a wifi network, Bluetooth disconnects
    I encountered this issue when using 7.5, but still the same with 7.8RTM (XDA Dynamics 2.0). I honestly do not remember if it used to work with previous roms / WP versions.

    More info: my home wifi network uses the 2.4GHz band (can't switch to 5GHz as some devices do not support it, while I guess it would solve everything).

    Anyone encountering the same?
    I searched many forums but didn't found anything approaching... Sorry if I missed something.

    Thanks :-)

    12-01-2012 04:45 AM

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