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    I noticed a few weeks ago (Thanksgiving actually) that my battery life took a big dip suddenly. I'm puzzled trying to figure how/why this happened, what changed, etc.

    I used to easily get through a day and have about 40% remaining. Work days when my exchange account has a lot of activities and use at work were lower than a weekend where I'd end easily with > 50%.
    Now, on the quietest of days I'm down to critical battery low by early afternoon.
    I looked at my logs on tmobile and I am seeing spikes of data - e.g. midnight, 2am, 4am, 6am, 4+ mb of data was transfered - all while I was sleeping and the phone was charging on my nightstand.

    Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this and hunt it down? Happening to anyone else? My first thoughts are what changed / updated - is there an easy way to see that? Looking at windowsphone.com I saw skydrive update on 11/15 - I uninstalled but no improvement.

    Please help!
    Thanks :)
    12-01-2012 02:37 PM
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    Hmm, looks like removing my gmail account and re-adding did the trick, at least so far ...
    12-02-2012 05:17 PM

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