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    Well after having this phone for a couple of weeks all I can say is wow. Tested out drive + today and all day had appointments. The phone performed flawless with music playing and using turn by turn voice with street names. Even after you go off the designated route it never once made me do something stupid like u turns and such. It adjusted very well to off route paths very well here in Los Angeles. I also recorded last nights fashion show and was kept entertained while on the road with drive + running in the background. Not once did the battery diminish during the day of driving and meeting clients. I was using an old Samsung cigarette charger that worked just fine.
    My battery life has much improved and I can easily go on two days, with location on data off and wifi off.

    Phone has been performing flawless no reboots or lock upís I donít social network or play any games on this phone itís just a tool for me and my work and accommodates my life style very well. Like the other day I had to get some wipers for the truck and used local scout to find an auto parts place that had them in stock. Kragen was out so I looked up LS and found an Auto Zone near by I called they had them in stock set the GPS and made the purchase. Sure beats driving around town looking for stuff aimlessly.

    This is actually my first smart phone the BB flip was a serious piece o crap and I couldnít be more happy with the new phone. Sound quality from making/receiving calls is outstanding I called a client in Palm Springs and he said I sounded like I was right next to him. Now all I need is that damn charging shell and charger, to bad nobody in LA has anyÖ.

    So if any of you are on the fence I say pull the trigger and just do it if your not an app freak. With the AMOLED screen I get super inky blacks and my video's look damn good. Forget about the resolution on this phone even though it's not 720p I would never go back to LCD ever. It shows plenty of detail especially watching the fashion show you just can't beat the inky blacks compared to the 8x and to me it looks way better with more eye candy pop. Not only that but AMOLED doesn't use back lighting so it makes this phone more efficient on the battery with super inky blacks.
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    12-05-2012 08:56 PM
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    Good to hear. Its a good platform.
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    12-05-2012 09:16 PM
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    Good to hear. Its a good platform.
    It just keeps getting better, today I ran the thing into the ground. Unplugged it this morning at 7am and ran internet, video, gps, maps, LS pretty much all day long. Kept Wifi on Data, and location on all day. It's a quarter to ten here in LA and I'm trying to kill the battery watching VS fashion show, running GPS, BT, maps scouring the net etc... It's still chugging along @ 4% running the video and... I'll reiterate AMOLED is the bomb diggity solid inky blacks with super detail with screens this small I can't tell the difference between 720 and 480. Ok the batt just died 15hrs aint bad considering how much I abused the thing today lol.
    12-07-2012 12:55 AM

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