1. Optimus82's Avatar
    Who else is annoyed by the camera's slow speed to focus/take pics? It makes my phone feel like some low end smartphone. My One S with the same Snapdragon had a far superior camera. Why in the world did Nokia gimp down on this camera so much?
    12-10-2012 06:52 PM
  2. Mystictrust's Avatar
    Memory card speed can affect how long it takes for a shot (if that was an issue) - some other people on this forum have taken speed hits with certain brands or classes of cards. As for focus, it seems just fine for me, takes about 2-3 seconds in low light though, so if that's unacceptable then I don't know what to tell you. Sometimes my dSLR can take awhile to auto focus (I have noticed, however, that the phone is fairly consistent with searching for 2-3 seconds every time in low light - seems quicker in the daylight).
    12-10-2012 07:45 PM
  3. Optimus82's Avatar
    I record video and pics to phone memory.

    My dslr can also take a bit to focus at times But who cares.

    Smartphone cams are supposed to be a closer replacement to point and shoot cameras which on auto, most p&s cameras are quick
    12-10-2012 07:58 PM
  4. Guzzler3's Avatar
    Turn off "focus assist light" to speed up picture taking.
    12-11-2012 05:41 PM
  5. Optimus82's Avatar
    yea.. thats been off. barely makes a difference at all.

    keeping on on the 'sports' settings makes it a tad faster
    12-11-2012 05:53 PM

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