1. neelagopi's Avatar
    Today I went to AT&T Device Support Center... I had few issues with my HTC Titan... The technician had a look at my phone and said AT&T cannot issue a replacement, because my HTC Titan is devoid of warranty because the moisture/water sensor strip turned red. This strip is strategically located by HTC next to MicroUSB port. Any HTC Titan owner would know that the surroundings around microUSB port is not properly covered, even a slightest amount of moisture could easily sneak through! If its red or pink warranty is void!

    My phone is never dropped in water (its not even dropped on floor also), or did not get in contact with water also... I never got caught in rain with this pocket or something... the closest it came was to sweaty hands when I went to gym or playing some sport!

    Initially the technician saw that my screen has an issue and he said he could replace it, but this happened.

    Think Twice before you get HTC... highly unexpected... I wouldn't expect this from companies like Nokia or Apple (Apple gave a replacement phone to a friend of mine after 2.5 years from purchase date for ~$80).

    A WP fan... disappointed by HTC!
    12-13-2012 08:53 PM
  2. inteller's Avatar
    That strip by the USB IS dubious, because it will suck up any moisture from the air or the USB cord. It makes charging it in your bathroom impossible because of the ambient humidity. Interestingly, HTC starting shipping strips with a hatched pattern on them because people were bleaching them with a pin ***** and some bleach in order to return them. Most likely because they were turning pink so easy. Eventually all of those strips turn pink because of sweaty hands and high humidity in the air.
    12-14-2012 10:23 AM