09-03-2014 02:30 PM
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  1. smurfercom's Avatar
    Solace in the morning.
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    01-12-2013 08:59 PM
  2. crocobro's Avatar
    Here's one I took Friday afternoon.
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20130111-5.jpg  
    01-13-2013 02:11 AM
  3. mky4b11's Avatar
    01-14-2013 07:37 PM
  4. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Cool! What museum is that?
    01-14-2013 07:50 PM
  5. crocobro's Avatar
    Here's a bouquet of flowers for all you beautiful WPCentral users.
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20130114_058.jpg  
    01-15-2013 12:00 AM
  6. mky4b11's Avatar
    Cool! What museum is that?
    thanks, i was very happy with this picture. This was at the natural history museum in Los Angeles.
    01-15-2013 12:10 AM
  7. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    thanks, i was very happy with this picture. This was at the natural history museum in Los Angeles.
    Cool! I've always natural history museums and dinosaurs.
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    01-15-2013 12:14 AM
  8. crocobro's Avatar
    Here's a shot of the campanile from earlier today:
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20130115_048.jpg  
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    01-15-2013 10:33 PM
  9. mky4b11's Avatar
    heres a few from past few days, i edited on my pc this time.

    all these are pre-update too. havn't had a chance to take many pics since i updated yesterday
    01-17-2013 08:44 PM
  10. Bmstrong's Avatar
    Anyone notice better pictures after Portico?
    01-19-2013 10:11 AM
  11. crocobro's Avatar
    Here's one from tonight's midnight snack run:
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20130124_002.jpg  
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    01-24-2013 03:08 AM
  12. London Jr's Avatar
    wp_20130123_001.jpgwp_20130129_003.jpgfood and liquor
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    01-31-2013 03:30 PM
  13. Greall55's Avatar
    which app did u use to edit these photo? photoshop or juz wp app, it's amazing
    02-26-2013 10:27 PM
  14. jgbstetson's Avatar
    03-01-2013 07:23 AM
  15. Angry_Mushroom's Avatar

    Not the world's greatest shot, but it works.
    03-22-2013 02:16 AM
  16. metalchick719's Avatar
    My grandmother's dog Jake sleeping in his bed the other night. I couldn't resist snapping this shot, haha!
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    04-08-2013 11:41 AM
  17. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Click image for larger version. 

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    My grandmother's dog Jake sleeping in his bed the other night. I couldn't resist snapping this shot, haha!
    That's awesome! Please feel free to share more pet pictures in this thread.
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    04-08-2013 08:56 PM
  18. mky4b11's Avatar
    Is there a way to attach a photo from wpcentral app?

    Took this with proshot. No flash, auto settings. Love proshot.


    Took this the other night to test how well the hdrphotocamera update worked. Pretty well imo. Images aligned much better compared to before, which was the reason I havnt used the app at all.


    I've grown to love this phone camera. Even without the pure view. I am anticipating the catwalk though, especially since it seems us 810 owners might get left behind as far as updates go.
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    04-18-2013 06:41 PM
  19. Miscellaneous Rant's Avatar
    DT is what the doctors calls a alcoholic that's been drinking for a long time. You get DTs, hand tremors. It gets worst.
    04-27-2013 07:59 PM
  20. experiment 626's Avatar
    Wasn't this the site used by Nokia US to announce their new Nokia 925 with it's improved camera?
    05-29-2013 03:05 PM
  21. wiseguywood's Avatar
    A couple from a trip to one of our state parks...view across the lake
    wp_20130519_010.jpg My son making a cast for some fish
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    06-02-2013 03:39 PM
  22. lce123's Avatar
    GUYS! Help me help you! We are in need of a section to boast are pictures and discuss how we take them..

    If we can get the mods to see we are interested it could very well be the most popular section in the forum

    So go to this thread and explain why you would like to see a new section of the forum dedicated to just pictures and WPhotography!

    07-12-2013 10:36 AM
  23. james05gt's Avatar
    Just a couple pictures.
    09-05-2013 02:21 PM
  24. PB_H's Avatar
    Zoom level 1.2x
    Exposure Compensation -0.5
    Shutter speed 1/2092s
    ISO 100
    White balance Auto
    Lumia 810/ Nokia Pro Cam
    Last edited by PB_H; 09-22-2013 at 02:34 PM.
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    09-21-2013 04:03 AM
  25. worldspy99's Avatar
    Here is one taken a couple of days ago.
    12-18-2013 07:25 PM
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