1. Ranger5022's Avatar
    So I got my son a HTC 8S for his xmas pressie , we have three Xboxes in the house and my daughter got a windows 8 laptop for xmas so I am not entirely unable to operate Microsoft kit...even like some of it.
    So the whole windows ID thing worked out fine on my daughters laptop I used her xbox live account id which is a gmail address.

    Next I move onto the windows 8 phone put in my sons xbox live id which is also a gmail address and it tells me that the password I have put in is wrong for a Hotmail account......? what...
    retry...same again....
    check the windows 8 phone website and it clearly states to do what |I am doing .......
    phone 3 support....bad manoeuvre for my blood pressure when some foreign call center worker tells me that it only works on a computer...despite the website saying otherwise...

    So does anybody know how I can use my sons Xbox live id as I am supposed to be able to do as his windows id for his windows 8 phone......before my blood pressure kills me or who can I phone at Microsoft to give an earful...a number would be good too...

    Merry Christmas one and all
    12-25-2012 01:21 PM
  2. instantcoffe's Avatar
    what they mean by a microsoft account is hotmail, live or outlook address. or it used to be for wp7 anyway...
    12-25-2012 02:10 PM

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