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    I had a Lumia 900 that developed a 'screen burn-in' issue, where the home screen icons were always displayed, even when the phone was switched off. Nokia Customer Care (Nokia) replaced my device under warranty with a brand new device, which was shipped to me in a sealed demo box. No issues, there, as the device was shipped to me within a week and Nokia covered all shipping costs.

    I was able to successfully set up the replacement device and this worked great for about 2 weeks. I then noticed an issue where the GPS seemed to stop working, i.e. wasn't able to get a GPS fix, or lost the fix within a few seconds. I went through 2 levels of Nokia support over the phone, at which point they asked me to ship the device back to them. Again, they paid for shipping. This time though, they returned the same device to me within a week...that's when the problems started!

    My phone now was now stuck in a 'demo mode' and I was unable to restore any of my previous data on the device, due to error messages about Zune being 'unable to restore' and a device reset was just restoring the demo data. A phone call back to Nokia and they were not able to confirm if the GPS issue had been fixed or why the phone had demo data on it. They asked me to ship the phone to them once more. Again, within a week, this same phone was returned to me.

    This time, I noticed that my screen protector had been removed and replaced with a piece of plastic (WTF??) and that the phone was still stuck in demo mode, with me not being able to restore my data. A phone call back to Nokia and they've indicated that I'll receive a phone call within 24-48 hours with next steps to resolve my issue, that this time may not involve sending the phone back to them. I'm waiting with bated breath to hear what they have to say. And yes, this was the same phone, as it had the same marks/blemishes on exactly the same spots on the phone, as well as the same serial number.

    I am aware that I can just try flashing the retail ATT ROM on the phone and that should address the demo mode issue and allow me to revert the device to it's previous state. I don't know though if I'll still have GPS issues with the phone. Also, from a customer perspective, Nokia should at the minimum have returned the phone in a fully operational state to me, without me having to resort to 'backdoor' options to get the device up and running.

    As you can imagine, I am extremely frustrated from these experiences, and I'm not sure how Nokia plans to address my issues. I wanted to get thoughts from the forum on what my next steps should be, or if someone else has experienced similar issues and how this was eventually resolved? Please let me know.
    12-27-2012 03:25 PM
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    Why haven't you go to a AT&T replacement facility?? They replace your device right away with a "working" one. That's it. Oh an its easy to convince them that your phone is damaged..
    12-27-2012 04:20 PM
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    Why haven't you go to a AT&T replacement facility?? They replace your device right away with a "working" one. That's it. Oh an its easy to convince them that your phone is damaged..
    I never purchased the original device from AT&T. Also, as I got the replacement from Nokia, not AT&T, I'm not sure AT&T would help.
    FYI - I checked the AT&T Device Support Center FAQs, and they will only deal with phones received from 'An Authorized AT&T Channel'. I may give the local center a call if I don't hear back from Nokia soon...worst case is that they'll tell me they cant' help me.
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    12-27-2012 04:50 PM

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