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    Hey all...First post/thread virgin here.

    Anyways, My Lumia 900. Sometimes this problem happens and i just wanted to know if i was the only one experiencing it and if there was a fix to it other than turning my phone off and on.

    Sometimes, and i don't know if this is just randomly or if its every time i unplug my phone from charging when it happens, but during the day i will text someone. Id wait all day or the majority of it and notice that the person hasn't texted back so that's when i would go in and send a "test" message to myself...only to find out that i never get one back in return.

    If someone tries to text me during this time of Limbo, the phone doesn't notify me and it doesn't even show the "new message" icon at the bottom. It will only show that i have a new message(s) when i go into the actual messaging app.

    The only solution i have found to fix this is just resetting the phone(after i do that, i send another "test" message and it works completely fine)...but its really annoying when you don't know when this whole event will occur and when you do find out that its happening, you have accumulated about 10 messages from people trying to get a hold of you, and that nowone got the messages i sent to them.

    Anyone else experiencing this issue...
    01-15-2013 10:06 AM

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