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    I am new to windows phone used to use blackberry before. All my work is on messages like bbm/facebook messenger and whatsapp which means most of my use is chatting. i just bought htc 8s and i hve some problems not sure if they are problems or that normal. My first issue is with skype/viber if i am not on the application i dont receive the message which means if i am not opening viber lets say if someone sent me a message i dont recive except when i open the application if its closed i dont receive any messages. Same thing happen with skype, on skype when i downloaded it at start it was working ok. i dont know if i changed Somthing by mistake in settings which led this to happen. one other problem when i make my mobile on silent mode still when i get message on viber there is an alert S: really need help because i am fed up :S please ty so the 2 issues fast first i dont receive any messages on applications like skype if i am not on it if i am playing a game i dont receive. 2nd issue if my mobile on silent mode and i received a message there is still an alert. Help please
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    01-21-2013 03:48 PM
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    I've read somewhere that to receive a notification from a certain app on windows phone, you have to place a tile for it on the home screen. I hope this will help :)
    01-22-2013 02:14 PM
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    1. Setting-lock screen-and you have there a Notifications and app to show status..( skype...viber...)
    2. Skype - settings and trun on Sype toast notifications
    3. Viber - settings - options- you have there notifications...
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