1. Williaml99's Avatar
    It went free with release of Samsung ATIV Odyssey @ 49.99. I called in and got a credit. Thank you Verizon. I love the 822. Don't know why anyone would pay more for the Samsung. I have had several
    Samsung phones and enjoyed them but looks like the 822 is better to me.

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    01-24-2013 01:46 PM
  2. kirbybaker#WN's Avatar
    We bought 2 of these on the 12th, but I just saw this post today as I have been away from the forum for a while. Still possible to get a credit?
    01-29-2013 10:30 AM
  3. Williaml99's Avatar
    All you can do is call in and ask. Sometimes they are very generous. Good luck.

    01-29-2013 08:52 PM

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