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    Hey guys,

    Yesterday eve I discouverd that my HTC 8S has dead pixels! It are in fact hot pixels, pixels that stay on all the time. I was stunned.
    The pixels go from about 0,5 cm from the edge, all the way from top to bottom on the right edge. It are in fact no pixels, but sub-pixels, the green ones. About 50 hot subpixels.

    So today I called my retailer and told him about this. He said it'd be way faster if I directly called HTC. (He gave me the choice, good company). So I did what he said and the woman I was talking to said there was a 99% chance that dead pixels in this fast amount is going to be repaired, under the warranty. I'll update you guys over the next coming days just to see how fine HTC deals with these kinds of problems. Tomorrow there is a guy coming to pick my device up, and in 10 days it should be repaired and OK.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.


    UPDATE 1: My Phone is now picked up. I didn't have to provide packaging or anything.
    UPDATE 2: It quite worries me that there is still no update on the HTC Ticket Support site, the site still states it has to receive my Phone..
    UPDATE 3: Hooray. The site has updated and my Phone is in repairs now.
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    03-13-2013 02:08 PM
  2. palandri's Avatar
    If a pixel is black it's dead. If it's any other color, it's a stuck pixel.
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    03-13-2013 02:24 PM
  3. LBLEIJE's Avatar
    Alright, it's time for an update.

    Today, 4 april I haven't got my Phone back yet. It's now away for 1 month and still counting.
    The repairs went all well, in 5 days it got repaired and sent back. But during that sending back it went horribly wrong.
    I called the postal service in the Netherlands, postNL, and I asked: is it stolen? And he said: I may not say yes, but I do.
    So. It's stolen. At the postal service in the Netherlands. You may not generalise, but in order to make it cheap, they only hire foreigners.
    I'm really pissed off. The guy told me that HTC, or the Dutch service of HTC "Dynafix", is always very generous and just sends a new one.

    I hope for the best. HTC is doing good, the postal service is just rubbish. Rub-bish.
    04-04-2013 09:48 AM
  4. anon(5579515)'s Avatar
    Same problem here with my pixels. I only really notice it at night though, so I think I'll just keep it...
    04-12-2013 10:44 AM
  5. LBLEIJE's Avatar
    Well, HTC would easily repair that thing, just put in a new screen, no big deal. The postal service here in the Netherlands is not in the hands of the state anymore so it sucks bigtime. I would recommend that you repair that Phone, if the English postal service is trustworthy.
    04-13-2013 12:52 PM

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