1. devilrex's Avatar
    Hi all.
    Few days ago i was update to last firmware and notifications come back....
    Today.... already down :S

    OMG WHY ?!?!?!!?
    03-21-2013 08:10 AM
  2. devilrex's Avatar
    Last night have add only 1 app, "The Facebook".
    Now removed.
    Hoping 4 a solution....

    nothing.... all notifications down...... !!!!!!!
    Last edited by devilrex; 03-21-2013 at 08:27 AM.
    03-21-2013 08:12 AM
  3. Coyote1985's Avatar
    Oh yes...
    Yesterday the Whatsapp laggiing or not notified ...
    Today... all notification down! WTF???

    L800 FW 7.10.8862.144
    03-21-2013 11:26 AM
  4. devilrex's Avatar
    Just get factory reset. At moment notifications is done.
    But i dunno want to make factort reset everytime.
    03-21-2013 11:46 AM
  5. Coyote1985's Avatar
    I make Factory Reset!
    The Notifications is it works! :) Thanks! :)

    Edit... Whatsapp Notifications is not working again!
    Last edited by Coyote1985; 03-21-2013 at 04:19 PM.
    03-21-2013 01:43 PM
  6. jeffinthomas1's Avatar
    Yes I saw the same problem in my Lumia 800 too. I guess its some problem with whatsapp server. Guys please email whatsapp support to bring this issue to their knowledge. I already emailed.
    antivirus likes this.
    03-21-2013 07:28 PM

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