1. Tiago Sa's Avatar
    I bought one htc 8s but i have one question.. The Capacitive buttons wont light up when pressed..they just vibrate. They only get illumination when i receive a call.. Is this normal? I saw some videos and reviews and actually havent seen any light on ..but is just to confirm because all the other models wp8 that i tried (8x..lumias..) they light up.

    Overall this is a great phone..only downside is the 4gb..
    8gb would be great.

    03-22-2013 01:58 PM
  2. Mad MilkMan's Avatar
    I know at least in the case of the Lumia 920, capacitive buttons are linked to the ambient light sensor. Do they light up in the dark?
    03-22-2013 02:44 PM
  3. Tiago Sa's Avatar
    No..Not sure if it is an hardware problem or software..ive tried reset and update..no luck. They only light up when someone calls..
    03-22-2013 04:13 PM
  4. Alex Ionas's Avatar
    they should light in the dark, because they are controlled by the light sensor, if there is light they stay off to preserve battery. I don't think you have a hardware problem, since they light when you get a call...
    03-23-2013 03:46 AM

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