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    I am currently running a number of sports/activity apps on my Lumia 900 - which I use as my "health and fitness center".

    The main apps that I am testing are calendos, endomondo and C25K. Of the 3, calendos and endomondo run in the multi-task state pretty well. C35K doesn't seem able to, so I have that app open when running.

    My question is, and perhaps it is better suited for the developers, is this;

    1. Can't apps, such as calendos and endomondo, use GPS when in the multi-task state?

    2. Do apps which use GPS, such as calendos, C25K and endomondo, need to be connected to a WiFi or data service in order to use the phone's GPS? Are they not able to use the offline function of GPS or must they be connected?

    I ask this because there are numerous GPS watches and using my Lumia 900, with a relevant activity app, makes for a decent alternative. The only problem is the GPS function within the sport app. I work on a ship, so I don't have WiFi/cellular data connection when out in the middle of the Atlantic and it would be nice to be able to use the GPS function within the sports app when I do my daily running on the outer decks.

    So, can anyone offer some light on this? It would be much appreciated.
    04-06-2013 10:05 AM

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