1. anon(5579515)'s Avatar
    Okay, so here's the thing. I've had my 8S for about say...two months. Let me list what's gone wrong so far:

    1) My SIM card is quite firmly locked into the phone. If I do need it out, it looks like it'll be a store issue.

    2) Dust seems to be attracted to the small gap between the glass and the bevel, which is causing disturbance inside the screen, causing what I think is known as 'hot' pixels (or they may just be dead, and nothing to do with the dust. They appear bright white on a black background).

    3) The vibrator has started to rattle. A lot!

    4) The battery is very temperamental, with the same 9 hour charge and same usage time (13 hours approx) under the exact same conditions daily, giving extremely different results. One day I may be left with 67% and the next it dies just as I arrive home at about 7pm.

    5) (Known OS Bug) A massive 1.7GB of 'Other' with 10 applications.

    6) (Could-be OS Bug) Serious freezing when locking and unlocking the phone multiple times, causing me to restart the phone.

    7) Call quality is very temperamental also, with some calls being purely static, with HSDPA+ and full signal.

    8) Accessing The New York Times or Windows Phone Central cuts off my data connection on my network (3 UK), with the network saying my plan doesn't include tethering. This has only been occurring since the most recent update. This may happen with other apps, but I haven't experimented as of yet.

    If you have any suggestions on resolving any of these (bar sending it off, I'm far too busy for that), or have your own to add, feel free...
    04-12-2013 11:03 AM
  2. Alex Ionas's Avatar
    I only have 5. and 6. ish, rarely, i think you got a faulty device.
    04-12-2013 11:59 AM

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