05-09-2015 01:56 PM
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  1. Rahul Rajeshware's Avatar
    Re: Lumia 625: Unable to find a bootable option error. how to salll this problema
    01-16-2015 12:59 AM
  2. Lee B's Avatar
    If you read this whole thread, no one has found a solution. This error probably means your phone is dead and can't come back to life.
    01-17-2015 09:35 PM
  3. Lee B's Avatar
    Only a few weeks ago, I wrote another user to say that the "unable to find a bootable option" error is a sign of hardware failure and the phone is basically bricked.

    Now my beloved 822, which I've owned since the first month it was on the market, has gone to that same graveyard. 822 has been reliable. She does lots of things well. I'm long past being eligible for a new phone, but I liked my old friend too well to want to give her up.

    Now, there's no choice -- I have to move on. So I'll get something shiny and new -- though I don't yet know what -- but losing an old friend is still sad.
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    01-29-2015 02:42 PM
  4. AnkitKumar Vaghela's Avatar
    I had this issue on my lumia 520 as well.My nl 525 didn't have this kinda error at all..Lumia software Recovery tool didn't help me and had to submit my phone at Nokia Care centre where they charged me INR 1000/-as an advance cost and est cost is INR 2999/-+taxes applicable.If they return my phone with no development then I'm gonna go knock the doors of consumer court and ask Nokia for a replacement.
    01-31-2015 04:03 AM
  5. mmohebpoor's Avatar
    😭😭😂 You made me laugh so hard bro 😁 Nokia and Windows Phone is all the same ****! At least HTC is a bit better! Because of the hardware.
    03-17-2015 09:52 AM
  6. 100pctcdn's Avatar
    I just had the exact same thing happen to my Lumia this morning. Neither Verizon nor Windows can explain why this has happened/what caused this error message. Super frustrated! They need to take a closer look and figure out what's going on, in my opinion. Curious to know if your contract had ended, I can't help but think this would be a convenient way for them to force an upgrade...which I am due for but hadn't planned on at this time. What a pain!
    05-09-2015 01:56 PM
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