1. jmk1127's Avatar
    So today this happened twice to me.
    My phones screen is black...i hit the power button to unlock it but nothing happens....i thought my battery was dead until my phone started vibrating like I was receiving a call...i decided to swipe up and press where the "answer" button would be and I was able to answer the phone.

    Now when I pulled the battery it would reset itself and work. However it did the same thing again to me 2 hours later...it is very frustrating and I cannot afford to have this keep happening.

    Does anyone have any experience with this issue?
    04-13-2013 08:11 PM
  2. ttsoldier's Avatar
    I would recommend updating your display + touch. QR code can be found here. http://forums.windowscentral.com/nok...inks-list.html

    If this does not work, restore to factory settings.
    04-13-2013 08:32 PM
  3. jmk1127's Avatar
    I just recently did a factory reset about 5 days ago actually before any of this happened and I updated those settings when I saw the article about it on wpcentral

    Ty for the input
    04-13-2013 09:23 PM

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