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    I have an arrive that randomly locks me out of my carrier. I will be on a call it will hang up on me then lock me out. A simlock icon appears where the signal strength icon was. Then it completely locks out my carrer wher I can't call, text or use data. This happens randomly while the phone is used or not used I seem to notice it happens mostly when I am on the phone with someone. This seems strange to me because I have Sprint which is a CDMA carrier and they do not use sim cards. So why is it simlocking me out?

    Has anyone else experienced this happening? Any help would me greatly appreciated. I have tried a factory reset and that did not work.

    Below is a page link to the icons that appear on Windows phones. The one that locks me out is the SIM LOCK it is the last ine in section 1.

    Thanks for any help
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    It's not really sim-locking you. It's trying to tell you that it lost signal, and you probably have it set to "Home Only". I get it a lot when I'm at work, and that icon shows up where my Galaxy nexus would show a signal bar with an X on it. If you're in an area that has decent Sprint service, it may be the radio failing, and will need replaced. If signal is poor, than enabling roaming (note that switching from Sprint to Roaming doesn't hand off nicely and will still result in a dropped call) will let you pick back up with the call. Sprint has been doing a lot of tower work, and has been causing signal problems in areas with active work going on.
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