11-15-2013 09:14 PM
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  1. vikassolankiii's Avatar
    WTF stop fooling around guys...............I dont know why the guys in old threads wrote it got fixed after amber update ?????????????????????????????????????????????????/
    yes i wrote outgoing sms fixed up, but i found i am not receiving incoming sms from anyone. i asked my friends to sms me , but one of the sms landed to my phone.
    i also confirm with my vodafone india operator about the same, but they say "from there end there is no problem" so i shifted to another mobile device lg nexus 4 to check.
    i received sms send to me.

    so what diagoness will be with results or in worlds what should one think?
    08-26-2013 12:55 AM
  2. vikassolankiii's Avatar
    Vikas in this other thread on the same site U have created a thread that says "after amber update U are experincing SMS issues".
    And in this thread U are saying the opposite of things mentioned in ur Thread.
    Please clearify ur self, posting the thread link for your reference
    please read what i have mentioned
    "yes update is available in india for 822,
    everyone in india as well as anywhere in world person having lumia 822 will enjoy the benefit of this update
    outgoing sms issue has been resolved."

    but now i am facing incoming sms so i have created new thread, so lumia 822 user can check that it really happening or that is the case with my lumia only.
    if this has cause you problem then sorry
    08-26-2013 01:00 AM
  3. piyushj's Avatar
    Hi, I am using Lumia 822 in India in Airtel. And my friend in vodafone. We both can send sms, edit apn easily (without network+) just as it was before portico update.
    [Note I tested on 2G only as 3G signal strength sucks in India. 3G data works, not tested sms sending in 3G]

    [Given people in US still can't use it completely, then it *might* be the case ==> where verizon has blocked people, using it in US, in other networks.]

    I have 8.0.10327.77 os version installed.
    08-26-2013 04:43 AM
  4. Nagendra Babu's Avatar
    internet sharing is not working after Amber Update.. Any one please help meeee
    08-28-2013 05:36 AM
  5. greedo_greedy's Avatar
    Heya! I'm planning to get another Lumia 822 soon.

    I just wanna ask if it matters if the phone has a bad ESN if I'm going to use it with a GSM network?

    My guess is it does not matter if the phone has a bad or good ESN in a GSM Network.
    Am I right? Thanks
    09-01-2013 08:18 PM
  6. Victor Salinas1's Avatar

    this solve the issues and is working like new change the apn and the mms on the service not on access point follow the steps and use Capital on T-Mobile it does make a difference
    11-15-2013 09:14 PM
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