1. Joshua Kohler's Avatar
    Before installing the GDR2 update for my Verizon Nokia Lumia 822, I could install the Nokia Pro Cam, but could not use it. Now, after I installed GDR2, the application says it is not available for my device. Does anyone know what happened? Why is it not available? Is anyone having the same problem?
    08-20-2013 10:02 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Have you seen this thread?
    Joshua Kohler likes this.
    08-20-2013 10:45 PM
  3. K Boston's Avatar
    I posted in the thread Laura linked to. I installed ProCam using the fiddler method. The ProCam works great on my 822. It's a fantastic app for the 822. The photos are incredible to say the least.
    08-22-2013 06:56 AM
  4. camaroz1985's Avatar
    I tried taking the same picture with the regular camera and pro cam set on auto, and the regular one was clearer, looked more crisp and accurate.

    The options in Pro cam are nice, but I don't know if the pictures are better unless you are fiddling with them.
    08-22-2013 09:21 AM
  5. bigboy29's Avatar
    I'd be surprised if Procam Auto pictures are worse than regular camera Auto pictures... but I guess it is possible as the app has not been tweaked for 822 firmware / hardware specifically (as we are loading it with a workaround).

    That being said - yes - unless you like to / want to learn how fiddling with settings can impact your photography, ProCam will not give you all that much, might underwhelm, in fact.
    08-22-2013 10:08 AM
  6. Josh Harman's Avatar
    Pro Cam on my 822 added nothing except a shutter speed setting. The photos were no better than the default camera IMO.

    Main thing is, video was glitchy and pixelated.

    I think there is a reason Nokia didn't make it available for the 822.
    08-28-2013 11:22 PM

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