1. edv2009's Avatar
    Hey everyone! Thought I'd share this one. I bought a 625 yesterday from Telus, and immediately ordered my unlock code before I tried my SIM card (I'm with Koodo), and lo and behold, I didn't need it! Slipped the SIM card in and it was ready to roll! Hopefully this saves others their $20! Cheers!
    10-06-2013 02:21 AM
  2. WanderingTraveler's Avatar
    I would've said, lucky you, but in this case the luck goes to TELUS. Oh well.

    People would surely thank you for the info (especially TELUS ;)
    10-06-2013 03:11 AM
  3. edv2009's Avatar
    Good luck to TELUS to try to collect all the 625 and reprogram them with lock codes if they forgot! Lol
    10-07-2013 08:59 PM
  4. pedenske's Avatar
    koodo and telus phones (as far as I know) can work with either sim, seeing as telus owns koodo. I've had both and doesn't matter which you use. I would assume it would be the same for bell/virgin and rogers/fido.
    MisterFree likes this.
    10-08-2013 11:16 PM
  5. edv2009's Avatar
    I've had a couple TELUS phone on Koodo, and had to unlock them. I'll try my Rogers SIM see when I get home later this week. Koodo's prices for service are great, and I love no contracts, just phone selection sucks. But TELUS is offering nearly the same package now.
    10-09-2013 01:40 AM
  6. Allen Crawford's Avatar
    Where did you get the unlock codes for the 625?
    02-25-2014 01:07 AM
  7. dixonjr79's Avatar
    03-06-2014 04:14 AM
  8. MisterFree's Avatar
    God Telus owns Koodoo, just like rogers owns fido, which of course if you owned a rogers phone it would not be restricted from using a fido chip, because that would not make - business - sense. they want you to stay with them no matter if you're with their junior company. and if someone tried it and it didn't work for them; well this must have hppened before the main carrier - which by the way are: Telus; Bell; Rogers - acquired them. all companies like: fido, chatr = Rogers, koodoo, mike, clearnet = Telus, pc mobile, virgin, solo = Bell and then there is Wind, who are independent, but because they have a different frequency spectrum which is a little higher then the main carriers i'm talking about here, the higher the frequency, the less distance it can travel, this is what T-mobile is doing, because all lower frequencies are regulated by governments. so Wind happened in western Canada by selling crappy frequencies. I hope this helps you not make more pointless claims as this one
    05-03-2015 01:26 AM
  9. amitdi's Avatar
    I had Fido Lumia 625 and I put a MTS sim yesterday just to check and it was unlocked. Surely, MTS and Fido are in no way connected
    10-07-2015 10:01 AM

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