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    Hi guys, i was on the train tonight reading bing news when suddenly the screen flickered and the bottom left part of the screen turned darker than the rest of it. It looks like a black spot burnt in. Tried resetting, still doing the same thing. What should i do??? Can i get it looked at a tmobile store? I only just got it in august
    11-14-2013 04:31 PM
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    I would call T-Mobile and see what they say. Most likely that side of screen has gone out and rest of screen will go out has well over time.

    Since you purchased in August you are past the return period. T-Mobile will either tell you take it in or send you a replacement device and you ship your back to them. If you press that you need the phone for work/family related matters you could get a new replacement phone. Else they will direct you to Nokia which will either replace the device or have you ship it in for repair. Press that you need the phone for work/family and Nokia may do the same and Just send you a replacement device else will have to send it for repair.

    Let us know what happens once again.
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    11-14-2013 06:35 PM
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    I spent an hour playing with it, resetting it, removing the SIM battery,etc. I got it to boot up again and the problem was gone, but decided to do a hard reset. First time after it started up it was still stuck in that mode, removed battery again and its be a-ok for the past 24 hours. One thing that freaked me out was that it was heating up during its spell with the screen. Its cool as a cucumber now. I think that it needed a reset anyway, its working much much better since I reset it. Looks better graphically too. The only explanation I can think of is that it could be hardware, but rather that something with auto brightness gunked jt up. I was in a train , under bright lights but moving between the bright lights and darkness alot. We shall see, I pulled out the 701 to see if it had the micro SIM adapter, need to get that to be safe. Might stop into T-Mobile today and see what they can do ibcase it happens again. If it happens again, I will push for a replacement.

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    11-15-2013 07:36 AM

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