1. Winfonejunkie's Avatar
    Just had it for a few days now, and i am loving it so far. Bought it for the off contract price at the Microsoft store for $499. I do think the tablet is overpriced, but with the free powered keyboard being offered by Nokia the offer was too sweet to refuse. Although i'm kind of mad Surface 2 owners are getting 200gb of data for free and Nokia purchasers being left out in the cold.

    The device is extremely slick and feels great in the hand. The screen is gorgeous and easily the best i've interacted with on any electronic device previously. Its speakers are extremely loud, and could easily be heard all throughout the room. WIndows RT 8.1 is pretty nice, and far superior to the Surface RT. Performance on this device is pretty awesome. Never any slow down or sluggish whatsoever, unlike the Surface.
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    12-01-2013 10:15 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I'm glad you like your new 2520.

    What colour did you get?
    12-01-2013 11:44 PM
  3. Winfonejunkie's Avatar
    I got the Red Verizon model. But it without plan at the ATT store. Just sent in for my power keyboard.
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    12-03-2013 01:46 AM
  4. Shaz2012's Avatar
    Picked up mine from ATT today. It's a great device, but a finger print magnet. I'm thinking of putting a screen protector just because of this.
    12-05-2013 11:14 PM

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