1. 05Paris's Avatar
    How to print from the Nokia 2520
    12-02-2013 08:27 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    What kind of printer do you have?
    12-02-2013 08:34 PM
  3. 05Paris's Avatar
    HP C6150 AIO on network
    12-02-2013 09:32 PM
  4. ClaraMee's Avatar
    try an app like print by eurosmartz
    12-03-2013 02:55 AM
  5. rbiasca's Avatar
    If your 2520 is connected to the network, you should just be able to swype from the right and tap devices, and the printer should be there
    12-03-2013 03:51 AM
  6. 05Paris's Avatar
    My printer is on a network. I have other portables that recognize the printer. The 2520 does not recognize the printer. I know it should but it doesn't.
    12-03-2013 09:59 AM
  7. aitt's Avatar
    Maybe a stupid question but do you have the printer turned on? I got my Canon to work by opening Word Doc to print something but had to turn the printer on first. It showed up and then let me print.
    12-03-2013 10:15 AM
  8. JaimitoFrog's Avatar
    Have a dell printer on my network. the tablet synced w my PC, then I can print to it off L2520. Didn't even have to install anything.
    12-03-2013 06:06 PM
  9. MikeF74's Avatar
    My printer couldn't be found until I turned on the "File and printer sharing", which is vaguely mentioned on the Add Devices screen.

    I can't get my tablet to see the scanner attached to my printer, but I'm not going to stress about it just yet.
    12-03-2013 06:39 PM
  10. aitt's Avatar
    Sorry I couldn't help. It was a simple process on my end even though I had to do a little research online and found the answer. Hope it gets straightened out.
    12-03-2013 07:31 PM
  11. 05Paris's Avatar
    I finally got it to print. I did advanced printer, loaded a driver & walla
    12-03-2013 08:34 PM
  12. rbiasca's Avatar
    weird i took my 2520 out of the box, logged into my microsoft account and hooked up to the wifi and my wireless printer worked the first time i tried it. I didnt have to install anything. I wonder if it is because i have a windows 8 desktop that is on that network and on my microsoft account or something.
    12-03-2013 11:26 PM
  13. 05Paris's Avatar
    I have the same set up as you but it could be the printer I use...C6150 All-in-One
    12-04-2013 09:41 AM
  14. horbeme's Avatar
    hey jaimito, i also have a dell and after i shared my printer Dell V515W on my network the tablet reconized it but says it not compatible. only 2 printer according to their website work with RT, you said you synced your tablet with the pc, how does that work? i read in the manual my printer has bluetooth printing all i need is an adapter which i ordered and waiting to be delivered. how did sinc ur tab to your pc?
    12-24-2013 09:45 AM
  15. lliad456's Avatar
    I would like to know if I can print from my Nokia Lumina.
    10-25-2015 07:26 PM

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