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    Hello everyone,
    I bought a new HTC WP 8S. looks good.
    I charged it once, it worked OK til it was fully charged. after two days (as it's a new phone to my mom and she takes a lot of pictures and %*@#, so it ran off battery quickly) she/we/I wanted to charge it again. It indicates charging but level of the battery is just slowly getting lower. When I unplug it after 4 hours it still has "low battery" alert. Between these two chargings, I plugged it to a PC with WIN XP and browsed the phone to copy pictures from internal memory to PC. It has no memory card, only SIM ofc. Now no matter if I plug it to a PC or to electricity (even if I use my cable from Lumia 800), it doesn't charge. the LED blinks orange and green (or maybe it is orange and yellow; I guess it means it's charging and still low battery). I only downloaded a facebook app from microsoft and nothing else (I believe) was installed.
    Do you have any idea if this could be a software problem or a simple hardware problem? I tried restart several times and now removed the SIM card, still nothing got better.
    If not, I'd have to take it back to the sellor, but maybe it's just something simple what I'm too stupid (read unskilled) for to figure out.
    Thanks a lot,
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    Hi Michal,

    I've seen this problem many times on my own WP, Lumia 720. The first time I got it I sent it to Nokia, and they told me that the problem was that somehow the battery voltage had dropped and they had to take out the battery and charge it externally before it would work again. However, when I had this problem again, it was because I was using up my phone's battery very fast with intensive games and it shut off by itself because of low battery. After that, the same thing happen to my phone as with your phone, but I was able to charge it up again but using a 2.0amp charger. Once your phones powers on after charging a while with the 2amp charger, you can use normal chargers again. Oh, and you can find the amp rating on chargers beside the FCC labels and all that. The standard Nokia charger is 1.3A I think. Chargers for tablets or bigger phones like the Note 2/3 usually provide 2A chargers.

    Good luck!
    01-01-2014 08:14 AM

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