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    I just got my phone back from the repair centre, and as you know when they repair it they wipe the software on the phone and install new software. Since I got it back, everything has been working fine, except for call settings - I cannot access them? When i press phone, and then more, I see the options for 'delete all' and 'call settings', however nothing happens when I press call settings? Really weird. It's very annoying as I can't check if my number is on private or not, and other settings. And there is no other way to access these settings.

    My question is; is anyone else having this problem and is it known how to fix it?

    Also, does anyone else have the very annoying feature that when the phone is on charge it becomes basically unusable? It becomes really jumpy and hard to use?

    Hope you have answers for me,

    02-05-2014 03:57 PM

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