1. robinhood75's Avatar
    From out of the box I have had nothing but problems with this phone. I got it for free but am sooooo depressed with it I've had to come online and seek out help with it.

    From out of the box it was knackered, it had sever sound issues and when I would call someone the sound would go off on the phone even tho it was on 30 and the call was set 10. The mic was also off I tried calling my landline and it was dead bot ends no sound reaching my house phone and no sound reaching my handset. So both the mic and speaker where not working. To fix this I turned my phone off and on again and then the sound came back on, but after just a few minutes the phone would be silent again. If i recorded a video the mic didn't record and when I played it back it was all jittery too. The phones sound was on 30 but yet there was NO sound coming from it at all, even when locking the screen by pressing the top power button.

    So thought this could be software related to reset the phone and to my annoyment it was exactly the same. So tried to update the firmware but I kept getting error messages about network error and wifi errors so just threw the phone at the fridge. It went off and I left it off for about a week. Was using my emergency 4.99 Samsung while I was deciding what to do. So on the off chance my phone might have had enough time to chill out I turned it back on turned the wifi on and to my amazement it actually connected to my WiFi so tried another update which then worked. So after a little while the phone rebooted said all was done I thought right make sure sound is on max waited the 3 minutes it normal took for sound to go off and it didn't I recorded a video and it wasn't jittery and it had sound. Excellent I though, at last it's working.

    How wrong could I be , now the dam thing is turning itself off all the bloody time. When I lock my screen and leave it for 60 seconds or more and try and then slide the screen up to unlock it it reboots, if the screen is locked and someone calls/texts it reboots, if I set my alarm and it goes off if my screen is off it reboots. I did a restore yet AGAIN in case it was something I had installed but nothing made any difference.

    I am at my whits end with this now and I would normally have thrown this bag of poo in the local canal by now but i need a phone with internet and certain features atm while I save up to get my Sony Z1 fixed.

    Can anyone please tell me what I can do apart from send this phone to the bottom of a canal to get it to work.

    Many thanks for any advice you guys could supply me with

    Phone is a HTC windows 8s
    The OS ver is 8.0.10501.127
    Firmware revision is 3030.00.40502.401
    Hardware revision is 0001
    02-15-2014 05:39 PM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    Sounds like its VERY defective and needs replacement.
    You've already tried a hard reset, so the only options I really have is continue living with the broken phone, get a replacement from HTC since its defective, buy a replacement, toss it into the canal.
    02-15-2014 07:24 PM

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