1. Amal R's Avatar
    I was using online banking in my Lumia 625 (with Black update) for mobile recharge and the last step was to enter the OTP which will be receiving as SMS. So had minimized the page and open the SMS, after maximizing the browser page to enter the OTP the whole page get refreshed and the data entered get lost. Can anybody please suggest what could help me.
    02-24-2014 02:07 AM
  2. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    When you reopened it, did you open it by taping the IE icon again, or using multitasking to go back to IE?
    02-24-2014 02:09 AM
  3. Amal R's Avatar
    I was using the multitasking option by holding the back button for a while.
    02-24-2014 02:15 AM
  4. Kingsly Eleazer's Avatar
    Reloading of IE sometimes happens in phones with 512 MB RAM. To avoid this wait till the page finishes loading completely and then minimize it. Now you should have no problem when you reopen IE. If this doesn't work you can set the phone to always read your incoming messages so it will read out the OTP to you.
    02-24-2014 05:39 AM

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