1. markshenoda's Avatar
    Hey everyone. I'm thinking about getting the Lumia 2520 over the Surface 2. I have a couple of questions about the Power Keyboard. How is two finger scrolling in the browser (smoothness)? Do you find the combination of the tablet and keyboard to be a bit heavy?
    03-16-2014 04:13 PM
  2. sdanaher's Avatar
    Heavy? Compared to what? Laptop, no. Compared to my surface pro and touch cover, it feels heavier or less balanced.

    I'm used to it after a few days of the combo and probably use it out of the case as much as I do in. I'm also a pretty good touch typist and email and word doc review / slight edit are my primary functions.

    scrolling is very smooth for me.
    03-16-2014 06:30 PM

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