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    dont know if anyone caught some of my posts about the buttons not working. but after not turning it on and letting it die for about a week. i contacted Nokia support and told them the issue. they explained to me about the soft reset, the full restoration, blah, blah, blah - i've done that already too many times before. so i decided to do the other option they did. and fully recharge it. and presto, all the buttons work again. i check updates, and the only thing i've got is a "hardware update" from June. June? that doesnt make any sense, since its already past mid September...

    if this update messes everything up again, then i know not to do any hardware updates to the tablet, period. OR, maybe the issue still lies in it when it comes to falling a sleep. therefore, i'll set it to one 1 hour so it prevents this and to just to remind myself and pay attention.

    also, i still can't get this Smart Card Reader to work. either the tablet has a bad port, or the Micro USB 3.0 port on the reader is bad (full USB and SD Card portion work fine).
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    09-18-2014 02:41 AM

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