1. greedo_greedy's Avatar
    Hi guys, I just want to ask if any of you 822 users was able to install the latest preview update?

    My phone tells me that I have new update ready for download.

    However, it's been stuck at 0% for 2 hours now. I lost my patience and decided to stop it.
    09-26-2014 06:43 AM
  2. Edward_g's Avatar
    Finally! I've got the update on my 822. Now I'm going to just enjoy this solid phone. I won't be worried and checking on Cyan all the time. It was very frustrating to have the update ready to install then fail over and over again. I'm good with DP 8.1.1 Black.
    09-26-2014 06:53 AM
  3. Jen Sanko's Avatar
    Yeah, no Cyan though.
    09-26-2014 09:59 AM
  4. SpaceyO's Avatar
    Yep, no issues...took about 40-45 minutes total.

    And yeah, still waiting on Cyan.
    09-26-2014 10:06 AM
  5. greedo_greedy's Avatar
    It's ok now, I just had to plug my phone into the power outlet.

    Haha, nothing seems to be new with the update.

    Hope it makes the phone more stable especially in the battery department.

    sent from my Nokia Lumia 1520
    09-26-2014 10:22 AM

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