1. ajeesh yacob's Avatar
    am in kuala lampur. i would like to know the availabilty of nokia 2520 in KL. i searched through internet for online shoping. it s not there. i asked it in few shops. Everywhere out of stock. So i cant get it here? i dont wanna buy it from ebay or amazon.
    01-24-2015 04:18 AM
  2. amitnahar's Avatar
    I would suggest you not to buy Lumia 2520 as it is an RT device and is not eligible for updates.
    Look for Asus T200 or Dell Venue Pro 11
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    01-24-2015 04:31 AM
  3. webkrawler's Avatar
    Who said it is not eligible for updates? And exactly which updates are you referring to?

    The 2520 is a very capable device. It receives Windows updates all the time
    03-05-2015 09:17 PM
  4. Jon Hemphill's Avatar
    While the 2520 will still receive updates, I think what amitnahar may be referring to is the upgrade to Windows 10. As of yet, I don't think Microsoft as announced what upgrade(s) will be going to the 2520. Some think it'll be a minor upgrade, something that happened with the Windows Phone 7.8. Me, all I want is updates, Office 2016 and Universal Apps.
    03-06-2015 01:39 PM

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