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    So 8.1 upgrade will not install keeps saying - The update was downloaded but couldn't be opened (8007000d)

    1. I have deleted all apps and did a hard reset downloaded different language packs, still the same.

    2. Now with apps I have it is saying app can't be opened . An app update may be available in the store. But there is no update available on any apps?

    3.Now new apps wont download (attention required tap here, "were having trouble installing this app"

    4. When the phone is turned off I regular keeps rebooting its self and goes to the Blue blank screen for 5-10 minutes and reboots again . It takes around 5 reboots before it starts up properly.

    5. I have done many hard resets both in the settings and Volume up down power volume down.

    6. I have put the phone in the freezer which seems to help it start up. Is it time to throw it away? Ive had it 1 year from brand new.
    04-14-2015 02:12 AM

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