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    Firstly, my apologises if I've posted in the wrong section. Literally signed up to here a few minutes ago ripping my hair out trying to find a fix for my phone. Please move thread if required.

    Now, I'm sure there's probably a thousand threads on this matter, but I wanted to post exactly what steps I took in order to what I think what's happened, is brick my Lumia 625.

    1) Downloaded and installed Windows Insider App (did this a while ago, but never used it since no builds were available at the time)
    2) Opted in for Windows 10 Technical Preview, with fast builds.
    3) Downloaded and installed Windows 10 Technical Preview (phone plugged into the wall, plenty of power, etc...)
    4) Realised how disgusting it was, so did some research into reverting back to 8.1
    5) Downloaded and installed Windows Phone Recover Tool on my PC
    6) Backed up my files/settings/texts/stuff to OneDrive (or SkyDrive, for the more nostalgic people)
    7) Proceeded with recovery of my phone and downloaded the firmware
    8) My phone rebooted and displayed a red background with a "Nokia" logo and progress bar
    9) Phone rebooted again, and now does nothing. No screen (not even lit up), just black.

    I have noticed in Device Manager under "Other devices", my phone appears as "QHSUSB_DLOAD", but is detecting as no drivers installed. I've tried rebooting the phone by holding the power and volume keys, but nothing happens.

    Knowing that dev builds of stuff is bad for consumer use yeah, but MS in my eyes releasing software that kills my phone, makes them liable.

    If anyone has a solution or a workaround, please let me know. Just don't spam this thread saying you have the same problem. It contributes nothing, other than me hitting my head against a wall.

    04-24-2015 05:32 AM

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