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    It's a shame that the Surface was what the Surface was.

    It was the flagship device for Windows RT and Microsoft blew it.

    The device was seriously underpowered.

    If Microsoft had delivered the Nokia 2520 in it's current form AS the Windows Surface. I have no doubt the future would have been very different for Windows RT.

    The saddest part is, I believe, all the technology in the 2520 was available at the time the Surface was initially released.

    Oh well.
    07-06-2015 05:01 AM
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    Having the Surface RT and Surface 2, although I do not have the Lumina 2520, The issue with the Surface RT/2 was not just the under powered, The marketing and price point were in my opinion the straw that broke the Surface....

    The Surface 2 is what the Surface RT should have been, it is faster and better in everyway, however, the price point was still not there....

    I paid $179 for my Surface RT 64G (new), and $249 for my Surface 2 64G (Refurbished with full complete warrantee), I would never pay more then $250 for either one.

    The problem with the price, The Machine is high quality, yes, but the experience was and still is not there compared to an iPad or Android tablet...

    Yes it included office, yes, it had a great browser, yes, it can do almost anything I need it to do. But then there was the marketing....

    The Marketing was people dancing and showing how one could click in and do more, but they did not explain, that RT (although could and can via emulation like WINE) run x86 apps, they did not explain good enough that Windows RT by default from Microsoft will not run x86 software, only metro apps and then the next limit was on space 32G was and is never big enough for a Windows OS, I know I have seen 16G devices, but install Windows and Office and you have little to no space. Between the space to store the metro apps and the lack of quality of apps, and the confusion in the advertising nobody understood what the Surface RT/2 could and can do.

    The big issues were trade offs, as Panos said in the Launch of the Surface 2 they sacrificed a lot for battery life for the original.

    Just like the Surface 3, They should have kept the Surface RT/2 size and included other processors, like the Surface Pro 3, i3/i5/i7, the Surface 3 should have low end Atom, but also i3 or maybe even i5...

    I do not want a bigger tablet, if I want a 12Inch screen I would get a laptop, FYI I have a Surface Pro 2 512G (paid $655.35 for it new) and love it's size, it is a little bulky but it is everything I could want in a small laptop.
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    07-06-2015 11:14 AM

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