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    Hello. I appreciate that this has been asked many times, and I have searched and searched for a solution but all answers are a couple years old now, but my Nokia Lumia 900 cannot connect to Facebook chat.

    I have hard reset the phone twice, as suggested, deleted my Facebook app and my account in the phone settings, as suggested, i've tried the WeChat app (which says my Facebook log in is invalid, even though I have allowed permissions already through the app) and i've tried IM+ which also cannot connect.

    Everytime I install Facebook and try to connect Facebook chat through the phone messaging (Settings>Applications>Messaging>Facebook Chat) it brings up an error message with error code 500 and once it showed error code 800c0008.

    I have tried the suggestion of connecting my Windows account to Facebook by logging in at live.com and following the instructions, but due to that solution being outdated now, live.com goes straight into my emails inbox as live/hotmail is now outlook. I have managed to find a way to connect applications like Twitter or flickr but the option of Facebook isn't there.

    Is there actually a solution to this problem? I love this phone and it was intended as an upgrade to my HTC 8s Windows (reviews were higher rated, the spec was better and it had started freezing) however I am definitely considering going back as the little things my HTC could do that I use everyday my Lumia just can't.


    Thanks in advance.
    07-16-2015 03:57 AM

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