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    An employee at my work had one of these and after leaving the company returned it to us with a bunch of issues. First and most important is that the touch screen does not work. However the windows home button works just fine so I'm wondering if these are the same component or separate as I'm trying to figure out if the touch screen issue is a hardware or a driver/software issue. Additionally, other then a horrible smoke smell, the item appears to be in excellent condition. It doesn't look like he was abusing the screen, it just doesn't seem to work. Any advice on what might be wrong with this screen?

    Next is the keyboard dock. The battery on this thing will not charge. It always lists at 0%, the charging light never goes on when plugged in and if you have the tablet connected to the dock and plug the cord into the dock, it recognizes that a cord was plugged in but then gives the "plugged in Not Charging" message. Any clues as to what might be wrong here?

    I've looked around quite a bit online for information about this and it ranges from "update the driver" type responses to doom-and-gloom issues with poor build quality and cheap components. What makes this most frustrating is that since the touchscreen doesn't work, you have to have the keyboard attached to do anything. When on the dock you get a keyboard and mouse but then you cannot charge and the battery life on this is terrible. Based on how long it takes to get from 100% to 75% I'd say it's down to about 1 hour tops on a full charge.
    07-27-2015 01:25 PM

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