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    We all know that MSFT will be introducing new phones next week and while that's all well and good (I'm still on the 822 from VZ), the app problem remains. I know how they've made it easier and more enticing for developers to make/port apps but is there any movement. Maybe they should focus on getting new/updated apps rolled out with developers and they should publicize this along with other apps in the coming.

    I've never been a big app person but with the way things are going my daily life would be easier with a different OS based on apps. I know we have most of the major apps (although many of them are so sub-par) but we severely lack tier 2 apps. Bank of America...gone (I have to use my wife's iphone for check deposits), my gym has a very useful app, Dunkin Donuts, Yahoo Fantasy Football and many many more...now again it might not be Facebook (which is pretty bad) or Twitter but these tier 2 apps along with improving some of the crap that is actually out there would help the platform immensely.
    09-29-2015 12:09 PM
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    Microsoft just announced the number of apps in their store at 669,000 (for computers/tablets/phones). I would imagine any big tier 1 apps they might announce, but at this point, it might be more effective for the users to start contacting the companies and requesting an app.
    Many companies seem a bit lazy and didn't do the research and don't have the user numbers. It's very rare that a company would flat out say no to building an app because they don't like Microsoft (I can only think of Snapchat for this one...very bad business decision that will come back to bite them at some point). There is also the other not-talked-about-too-often scenario, where the developers are pushing for IOS only, because that's all they know. Or related, they only have the right dev tools...
    When users call up the company and request the app, the business group gets good feedback that they need to get it done and have a good business case to get it done.
    09-29-2015 02:40 PM

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