1. themadpoet1's Avatar
    I was thinking about buying one of these tablets for cheap - but my question is - Does Windows 10 work if you install it on this tablet? If not, does Skype work on this tablet, either with Windows 8(RT) or 10? And a decent youtube client? I mainly need primary things like Skype, facebook messenger, youtube to work.
    04-13-2017 01:35 PM
  2. AaronGraham's Avatar
    Unfortunately the Lumia 2520 is a Windows RT and therefore does not support Windows 10.

    Furthermore, although there is a Skype client, support ended last month. Likewise, there is no Facebook Messenger client, but there is a Facebook app. However, it is old and the messaging functionality Ni longer works, requiring you to use the website.

    There are some good unofficial YouTube apps available on the Store, like MyTube. However, it is worth mentioning that app development is largely abandoned.

    Hence, I could not recommended that anybody purchases a Windows RT tablet. I would suggest you take a look at some new Windows 10 devices if you are interested in a Windows tablet.
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    04-13-2017 02:15 PM
  3. Dmd74's Avatar
    I was curious about this myself. I had long wanted the 2520 but had at one time opted for the Surface RT. However, with the current prices where they are at I just purchased one today. I felt as though, for what I use it for, a purchase at just over $100 is worth it.
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    04-14-2017 08:43 PM
  4. Ghouston's Avatar
    I haven't turned mine on in over a year. I will give it a charge and let you know how it works these days. I doubt much of the functionality will remain.
    06-23-2017 10:52 PM
  5. RumoredNow's Avatar
    I doubt much of the functionality will remain.
    Mine gets a daily (rather nightly) work out at bedside. I browse the web and watch YouTube in IE browser. Office still works. I have apps functioning on it for News/eMail/Weather/etc. It still holds a charge for a long time and charges up stupid fast. The screen still looks great. I have not seen one function disappear from it. Heck, it still gets updated monthly.

    It still is what it was. A rock solid Win RT tablet.
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    06-24-2017 06:29 AM
  6. raycpl's Avatar
    Always wondered about the 2520, it's one that is/was rarely seen. Even during the height of Lumia's, er, popularity here, I have only seen one yellow 2520 in the wild.

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    06-24-2017 10:25 AM
  7. Wheels_____'s Avatar
    I bought a "mint" 2520 on eBay for $85.00. I'm a "true believer", sucker, or whatever 😉. For simple content and for something we can pound on during trips it's been great. You do have to dig for app functionality and there are some out there, (For how long???).
    The tablet still humms long. It's been very durable. I'd buy another, especially for simple media consumption.
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    10-03-2017 02:46 PM
  8. nate0's Avatar
    We need a path for hardware such as these...(2520's or others left on outdated/stale OS software and therfore dwindle away to a slow death). What a huge pile of electronic waste a perfectly good working tablet becomes to certain folks. Especially when functionality goes away... I have two of these. One has some sort of malfunctioning battery issue, the other has a bad emmc storage I believe. So I revived the one by taking the battery out of th other. I have been researching where I can, digging on how to unlock certain areas of the tablet, however even on XDA there are limits for this one. So my backup plan is to lock it down under a child account for my little boy, find a good case and hand it over for Christmas to him.
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    12-06-2017 09:03 PM
  9. yuan yao's Avatar
    weil.. in the dream everything you have
    01-28-2018 02:03 AM

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