03-02-2013 02:01 AM
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  1. CjEggett's Avatar
    Dear Sirs,

    Cthulhu lives in my laptop.

    It started some time ago when a mysterious file appeared on my desktop:


    I should know better than to click this mysterious icon. I should have known that windows doesn't allow black magic characters in file names. But I did click it, compelled by some base human curiosity.

    As soon as the .exe ran I was assaulted by images I cannot recount for fear of being driven insane. Needless to say, when I became conscious again I immediately moved the file to the recycle bin and entered to remove it completely. Yet, inside there was nothing but for another recycle bin, and I looked inside this one too, I followed the trail to the depth until, finial I turned around and found myself only confronted by the void of recycle bins around me, as terror gripped me the recycle bins warped at strange geometries which should not be seen by mortal man - I fled and pressed ctrl+alt+del.

    And yet, he persists to live in my laptop, making it wheeze like some dead devil's lung every time it creaks into life. I daren't put a USB port into it and would remove the machine from my life completely if I didn't actually need it.

    A surface-type-thing would do me nicely!

    Here I am, ravaged by fear holding my broken husk of a Toshiba r200:


    My fate is in your hands sirs.


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    02-28-2013 01:48 PM
  2. fernancgf's Avatar
    Ok this is my first post in this website lets see how it goes!

    First of all I would like to apology myself, Im a Cuban citizen studding in Italy so my mother tongue is Spanish and I have been studding Civil Engineering in Italian for the last two years and a half!!! My English is really bad at this point so Vi prego Scusatemi

    Why do I need a new Surface or an ASUS VivoTab?

    Basically because I need a mobile solution and my wallet wont let me buy a new one.

    I have a NoteBook, a PackardBell EasyNote TK85JU (Intel Pentium Processor P6100 2.0 GHz, 4GB of RAM and a 320 HD) really loud and not a very good one but I cant complain too much, it costs 300 euro and for Italy thats cheap The problem with mi Notebook are the wireless adapter doesnt work and that for some reason it cannot retain the charge, I have replace the battery and the charger but the problem remains and the warranty is outdated. So each time that I have to do something at the school or in any other place I have to go with my six pounds notebook plus cables and charger because I cannot use the battery and a Wi-Fi Key!

    I have also a Nokia Lumia 800 (Updated to Windows Phone 7.8 :) ), its an amazing smartphone and really has been a huge help for me but its impossible to fulfill all the computing needs with a smartphone, even of an average user.

    Now Why I absolutely want a new Surface or ASUS VivoTab?

    Are you mad??? How I cant want it?!?!

    Im not a Software Engineer just a tech enthusiast but honestly Im very interested in the Windows 8 concept, the idea of considering a device (a form factor) capable of embrace at the same time the Notebook and a Tablet concept its amazing!

    The first time that I saw a Table honestly I was asking myself how much useful can it be? Its just a big smartphone lately I have change my mind because I have face some situations were an smartphone its not enough but carrying your PC is too much so here is when the Surface and the VivoTab came in, they represent a bridge between to ecosystems: PC and Smartphone.

    I know that a Surface RT or a VivoTab RT are not as capable as a laptop but for the first time they are more capable than usual! For the first time theres a cover that do something else than just cover! For the first time I see that a tablet can truly help me

    Thanks a lot!

    Grazie mille!

    Muchas Gracias!



    02-28-2013 02:28 PM
  3. ramu1's Avatar
    This is me with my only and tired mobile device Kindle, which does not allow me to read in the dark.

    Before transferring to the University,I bought myself a kindle, which was the only mobile device I could afford.

    However, it wasn't helpful because all of my e-books were in pdf format, and Kindle is not a very good e-reader when it comes to pdf files.

    I absolutely NEED a new Surface or ASUSVivoTab because:

    • As a college student, I have to be dependent on my college computer labs in order to get any work done e.g. Writing a paper, Making an Excel Sheet for my Physics Lab. Sometimes, I have to wait in order to get a spot in the lab. So, I desperately need something on which I can always rely to get my work done.

    • It would be extremely helpful if I have a device that can store all my Lecture notes and videos, so I can study them whenever and wherever I want.
    • Windows RT provides all the functionality that can help a college student like me in every way. (MS Office, Sky drive)
    • As a Computer Science student, I want to develop Apps for Windows devices in future. Using the device that I want to work on in future would be extremely important for me.

    Since I never could buy a tablet, this contest would be a great opportunity for me to get into the tablet world.
    Thank you WPCENTRAL for the opportunity, and I wish everyone Good Luck!poor-kindle.jpg
    02-28-2013 02:48 PM
  4. Daniel Bohner's Avatar
    I saw this contest, and I couldn't help but imagine I might have a chance.
    My old Laptop is worn ragged:
    - Is an ASUS R1E - TABLET
    - Orignally ran VISTA (ewe) - is now running W7-Pro
    - If you look at the bezel around the keyboard - notice that all the finish is gone
    - If you look at the touch pad, notice it's warn white
    - I've maxed the Ram
    - I've added bluetooth
    - I've upgraded from a 20gb, to a 40gb, to a 120gb to a 300-something-gb and finally topped out at a 500gb main drive with the 320 as the in-case spare
    - It's flown over 200-thousand miles!
    - I've replaced the fan - TWICE
    - My daughter rolled it down the stairs (and nothing broke)
    - I can't find any way to breath another generation into it - HELP


    Make Me A Winner!

    ps - that's Pezman's machine on my screen!
    pss - kudos to Ezekiel (aka EZ Kill) - my six year old, for the great pix
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    02-28-2013 03:09 PM
  5. iDonev's Avatar
    [sobbing uncontrollably in his corner]

    02-28-2013 04:48 PM
  6. Xenik's Avatar
    The Story of my life

    Why I really NEED a tablet do you ask? Answering with creativity is my task.
    Writing a true story would be rad, because my imagination is truly sad.

    Soon a stork to our doors will come, my significant other would be glum.
    For our baby save we must, anything else would be unjust.

    My old netbook with me stands, my dear wife it represents.
    If a new "beast" I would buy, I'd her patience badly try.
    She would eat me on the spot, spending money we aint got.

    Thanks for listening to my rant, why a tablet I buy cant,
    I hope you'll have a nice day, while for a tablet I shall pray.

    02-28-2013 08:11 PM
  7. Brandon Edwards's Avatar
    Here's my discontinued out of business Pandigital Novel. I need an upgrade.wp_001851.jpg
    02-28-2013 08:28 PM
  8. RMathis77's Avatar
    Here is my Asus Netbook from 2009 it is absolutely on its last leg! Battery is not working plug has to be duct taped on since the connector is so loose it wouldn't stay powered on. This thing takes forever to load up and cannot handle more than one web page tab at a time. its like Im stuck on dial up speeds this thing is so slow.

    My kids fight over my Lumia 810 to play on instead of using the netbook. I could really use a new Tablet not only for me but for my kids!

    Hope I can surprise my kids with a new Surface or Asus Tablet.
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20130228_001.jpg   blink_a5121f1e-ef72-4172-8e0b-8c00b7efb962_14-2-.jpg  
    02-28-2013 10:57 PM
  9. IndieAdmirer's Avatar
    Not sure if this is too late, but might as well try to see if I can win. I've been using an Archos 5 Internet Tablet for about 3 years now (had a Nook Color for a while, but someone stole it within 2 months of owning it). I use it to take notes with Evernote in my AP Psychology class, but it's rather slow now and the battery dies within 3 hours (not to mention the screen is pretty small so its a bit difficult typing on it). Seeing as I'm going to Cal State Fullerton next year as a freshman, I was hoping to win so I could use the Surface RT as my laptop/tablet to use to write papers, take notes, manage my media, etc. It'd be great if I actually did win! I don't have enough money to buy one for myself currently and would help me save money on college! Thanks!
    Attached Thumbnails picture001.jpg   picture002.jpg  
    02-28-2013 11:37 PM
  10. Paulo1300's Avatar
    i want a tegra powered tablet because I have a tegra powered phone..my handy droid x2. as you can see, its in fabulous condition. See below:
    If you cannot tell from the picture, the screen is shattered.. Also, I am not crying.. bad lighting i promise

    sad to say that outside of my work laptop, this is the only connection I have had to the internet since november.. at that time my macbook died on me. But, lucky me, I found that the part that died on my laptop was recalled. MacBook Pro: Distorted video or no video issues. I called apple support and they said they would definitely be able to fix it if i brought it to the apple store. well I did, and.. they didnt. I even tweeted about my anger and my desire for a surface. how fitting for this contest.

    later on I checked the site again, determined to get my laptop fixed for free, since it is RECALLED.. I noticed they added an expiration date. The recall ended dec 7, 2012 (according to the website posted earlier), and as you can see, I tweeted about it in november (https://twitter.com/paulo_dib/status...2090278608897/). Surely I would be able to have my laptop fixed for free this time, since I had proof that I took my laptop to the apple store before the deadline. well, i was wrong again.

    Hopefully my efforts will not go in vain and I will be able to have a great device to connect to the internet once again
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    02-28-2013 11:46 PM
  11. driver_king's Avatar
    Well, my story may not be as creative, elaborate, or desperate as some of the other folks here, but I will share my story about my tired netbook that I still actually using. In June of 2009, I made my first purchase on the Acer AOD250. It was bundled with Windows XP and 1GB of RAM. I saved up to purchase it using accumulated money from mowing lawns for neighbors, babysitting, and doing IT work at my father's company. It cost me $350 new. As a freshman in high school, it did everything I needed it to. I used a user license for Office 2007 on it from a family edition that we had purchased back in the day. Over time, I began to run into huge performance issues. The Intel Atom N270 processor it had hardly could run Flash videos without stuttering and often froze with basic tasks, such as in Word. Through Newegg, I was able to upgrade the RAM to 2GB, which made a minor, albeit very helpful improvement for overall stability. One night, when writing a 12 page essay, I got up off the couch I was sitting on, and after doing so, the netbook slid off the pillow I had it sitting on as weight shifted across the couch. As I turned around, I found the netbook on its' side with its' glossy 10.1" 1024 x 600. Picking it up, I found a large crack down the middle of the screen and the hinges on both sides had cracked and become loose. After doing research on how to disassemble the netbook and ordering the most affordable screen replacement I could find, I went about replacing the screen. The replacement screen is matte and not glossy like the original, which in a way makes it slightly better, but the ensuing issues I have dealt with over the past couple of years is best described in pictures:
    Being an avid Microsoft fan, I have used every version of Windows 8 published, from Developer Preview, Consumer Preview, Release Preview, and of course now RTM. The most limiting factor being the aforementioned screen resolution of 1024x600. No 'Metro' applications have the capacity to launch as a result of the low resolution. The only way I can force them to launch is modify the registry, which has adverse effects on my aging AOD250. First, text on the screen becomes hardly legible (as the unit is forcing a resolution beyond the screen's capability) and everything is very laggy and hardly responsive. The unit heats up and makes another issue glitch up more often:


    Although I have done nearly everything in my power to try to resolve this, I believe the ultimate cause of this is a matter of either a very poor connection as a result of the damaged hinges pinching the display wires, a damaged connection to the panel itself, or an issue with the graphics processing. Either way, the only way to fix this when it occurs is either disassemble the panel and try to tweak the monitor connection, which only helps as a short term fix or simply tap around the hinges or back of the screen. Why do I need a new Surface? First of all, the built in Office 2013 suite would allow me to take notes with a capacitive pen in my college classes, keep all of my documents off of a local, unreliable 160GB 5400RPM HDD and them synched to the cloud, and not to mention the battery life. Of course, over time my netbook's battery life has dropped from a very respectable four hours of battery life (a selling point for me at the time) to a measly 30 minutes, if I'm lucky. That's no exaggeration. The battery depletes so quickly, the aging netbook reports approximately 55% remaining battery life before completely shutting down, which is anywhere from 25 to 35 minutes of use. That means whenever I go to class or a lab, I have to be near a power source in order to not lose data and where I am on the device. Those are just a couple of niceties that would come about from a device upgrade. That's not to mention the frustrations of constantly fiddling with my screen just to make it work and the fact that I cannot run any Metro apps! Anyways, I know I might not have a chance in winning this but I thought I would share an interesting story from a poor college student with his netbook. If anything else, I have managed to run Windows 8 on a first generation atom processor and still am able to use it (caveats aside) nearly every day! Thanks WPCentral, Nvidia, and Microsoft for hooking people up with great news, technology, and know how, respectively (the contest too)!
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20130228_002.jpg  
    02-28-2013 11:59 PM
  12. Hanhua Yin's Avatar
    I made a promise to not trim my beard until HP revives WebOS or I'll lose my tablet. And It has been 1 year and 195 days and I'm still holding my antic TouchPad like a caveman. I absolutely need a new Surface or ASUS VivoTab to rejoin modern civilization. Seriously.
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20130228_002-copy.jpg  
    03-01-2013 12:36 AM
  13. unstoppablekem's Avatar
    I made a promise to not trim my beard until HP revives WebOS or I'll lose my tablet. And It has been 1 year and 195 days and I'm still holding my antic TouchPad like a caveman. I absolutely need a new Surface or ASUS VivoTab to rejoin modern civilization. Seriously.
    Picture please.
    03-01-2013 01:17 AM
  14. CapitanMexicooo's Avatar
    Why do I need a windows tablet? Because android sucks thats why. I've spent the last 3 days trying to make android 4.2 work on my nook tablet (hence the red eyes) and finally got the darn thing to work. Some of you might say "well thats what you get for trying to turn you ebook reader into a tablet. And your right, I deserve that, but what can I say i'm a masochist. Except I dont wanna be one anymore *sniff sniff* I am tired of digging thru the dumpster of the internet looking for scrap .zip files in hopes that my OS needs will finally be fullfilled. I am tired of coming home everyday to a "Proccess.android has unexpectedly stopped working" and never know what that actually means. I need a good, strong tablet in my life. One who I can brag to my friends about, walk down the street with my head held high. So what do you say WPCentral, could you find it in your heart for me to win?

    *Events based on a true story that I just made up. No one dumpster was harmed during the making of this story. *
    03-01-2013 02:34 AM
  15. Devashish Purandare's Avatar
    This is my Tablet, I can't tell you more about it, as it is still loading... loading... loading... something from the time I got it.
    Me and my Teddies are still waiting.....

    It would be awesome to have a TEGRA powered tab, so that I spend less time waiting and more time doing what I want to do....
    I love my toys, but I hope my next tablet isn't one :)
    03-01-2013 03:32 AM
  16. miodrage's Avatar
    WOW, nice one, giving away Surface RT :D
    Can I have one please? Can I? Can I? :D
    I have owned an iPad1, but due to desperate situation with cash at that time, I had to sell it, which I did. Now I owe only my trusty Lumia920 (love it more than myself), and my DIY all-in-one computer

    So, please, get me a new tablet :D

    P.S. oh yeah, I don't want to post my picture, as I would scare the **** out of most visitors here, and what is a forum without its members? :D
    03-01-2013 04:17 AM
  17. drg's Avatar
    Here's a picture of my tired and worn out laptop.. literally. It just never wants to wake up. It takes like a minute to wake up from sleep, 2 minutes to resume from hibernation and goodness knows how long from boot. I turn it on in the morning, go take a shower, eat some breakfast, make a coffee and come back and its still on its way to the log in screen. I tried giving it a coffee once, but didn't change a thing. I use it on the train next to 80 year old grandmas with their iPads and I'm sick of their smug little faces as they watch me turn the thing on at the start of my ride only to find out my stop has arrived and I barely got to touch a key. I need a Surface or VivoTab. I need one now. I don't know what could happen if I don't. Look I'm not saying those bandages didn't come from general wear and tear but I do know I can't continue living like this. Please give one to me. I will forever be indebted to you!

    03-01-2013 04:39 AM
  18. overclockthesun's Avatar
    Well, I don't have a netbook nor do I have a Tablet So here you go. MY daily companion the venerable Defy from Motorola.
    Attached Thumbnails img_20130227_201050.jpg  
    03-01-2013 04:44 AM
  19. FrodoBaggins's Avatar
    I need a more updated tablet.

    03-01-2013 05:02 AM
  20. bor42's Avatar
    My netbook: Lenovo S205:
    I know, I know: "why do you need a new one?". Check this out, no editing or anything, just opening and closing the lid.

    So yeah....it's impossible to use it at night or when someone is sleeping in a few block radius.
    03-01-2013 05:53 AM
  21. mr-mac's Avatar

    "You think you've got it bad??? My wife boil washed my Laptop!!!!! And not only did it shrink it's in Japanese ;)"


    Lets see what he's working on :)



    Ok so let's make a rare, quite appropriate (due to OS) and historic entry. Why do I need an RT tablet? Well, a year ago I was forced into giving up work (which I enjoyed) due to ill health. Effectively took voluntary redundancy as my work took over 4 months to sort me a medical appointment and left me without wages of any kind - just after voluntary was offered I got appointment lol and would have been entitled to long term disability through my work - a bit late now isn't it!!!!! - funny how it took 1 month to organise first medical appointment then when it mattered and I was left without wages it took 4 :(. It's not really a choice to take voluntary when you have a baby to look after and no money coming in.

    So I have very little cash and make do with the hardware I have. So what is this rare and unusual device I speak of? It's really the daddy of netbooks but even smaller. The year is 2001, the company is NEC (made for Ntt DoCoMo), OS = CE .net 4.1 and cpu is a 400mhz xscale with Ati Image on gpu, with 64mb ram, cf and sd slots and topping it off a 5" 800x480 semi transflective with resistive touch.

    Now I've hacked and redirected dll's as far as I can and had made it a quite useful little device. It has basic office apps, and old opera mobile browser, media player (cracking sound due to a good wolfson dac on board - even with over hear schenheiser phones it drives them to great volume with seismic bass), email, basic photo editor. I have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and gps cf (even hacked a bought copy of TomTom to run on it) cards.

    So tbh honest as a fit in suit jacket, easy type, potable device it's been a cracking little thing but it's just becoming a pain to use (web is getting too heavy for it's little processor, battery is very past it's best, photos are too large to edit and ce 4.1 prevents modern satnav software running (needs 4.2 min). Office has moved on a lot so finding it harder to open docs from others and despite my best efforts to hack WM software or ce 4.2/5 software it's just not possible to keep it going for useful tasks any more.

    I'll bet you've likely never seen a Sigmarion or seen the odd mention here or there. So I beg you, as a long suffering abandoned MS OS user who's reached the end with the device and can't get out of the house so often so getting online is great to keep in touch with others.... please please send me a shiny RT tablet (loved ARM devices since days of an Acorn Risc PC) and allow me the absolute pleasure of eeking another 11years out of a single device ;)

    the picture below shows myself with a friend from Slovenia who visited Scotland a few years back now. We were both on the hpcfactor forum and met up for a coffee (and so he could climb) at the Edinburgh international climbing centre. We took the photo for the forum and it shows... left to right... My friends Psion Netbook Pro, My Smartbook G138 (had to sell to get by) and lastly the tiny Sigmarion 3. Which I suppose is an interesting and historic little line up from early days of ultra mobile (long battery), touch screen computing when laptops were seriously big and heavy. Without these forerunners in mobile computing (Psion 5, HP Jornada 720, NEC mobilepro etc etc.) then I think the landscape and OS's would be a lot different (well after all CE went on to become WM and then WP7). Touch screens on mobile devices came from these early ultra portable companions. So maybe even IOS, RT/8, netbooks, powerful powerfrugal cpu's that allowed the early properly portable mobiles wouldn't have been ready (ARM as a company would be a lot different without these devices setting a market for mobile cpu's).

    Now am I wrong or are the devices in this picture more interesting and appropriate to this site than an old laptop dug out of the garage (I could do that too) or a pad and a pen

    Even if I don't win, which I'm sure I won't, I still hope you enjoyed seeing a photo of my boil washed laptop for a 2yr old or the photo below with some rare CE devices together in one place (If any interest in some more pics and details of any of the 3 rare devices just ask)

    Kindest Regards



    PS that's me on the right ;) my hair is a lot whiter now (must be stress of waiting on the little edwardian cpu churning away ). You guys with old android/web os/ laptops have got productivity and usefulness of an epic nature compared to a 12yr old 400mhz arm with 64gb ram and you've pretty much all got desktops or something else lol. I had to borrow a PC to type this on as this site no longer loads very well on my NttDoCoMo Arthritic asthmatic 3 (or is it Sigmarion 3).
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    03-01-2013 06:22 AM
  22. Faise's Avatar
    Attachment 29774

    This is my HP touchpad (and Lumia 920, shown in the reflection with me). It's served me for it's intended purpose, but it's time is over. I need a Surface RT or an ASUS VivoTab to now further my studies into whether tablets are more effective, when administered to cyborgs, than suppositories. Thanks.
    Attached Thumbnails wp_20130301_001.jpg  
    Last edited by Faise; 03-01-2013 at 08:39 AM. Reason: Deleting thumbnails
    03-01-2013 08:36 AM
  23. grol4's Avatar

    This is me locked up by my little ChromeBook. While Chrome is acceptable as browser, the OS is not.
    Some complain about the lack of apps on RT, while I think: You can install something, I don't...

    No connection is no response. That's Chromebook. Some tell differently, but this is my experience.
    I'm a student, so need a pc to work on and sometimes the schools WiFi fails to connect.
    In such situations I just see a large paperweight.

    To top all that: The laptop is falling apart. The corner facing the camera is splitting in two, revealing the components.

    So that's, plain and simple why I need a Surface. WPCentral, will you help me out?
    Last edited by grol4; 03-01-2013 at 09:07 AM. Reason: Extra reason added
    03-01-2013 09:04 AM
  24. ssapre's Avatar
    I would like to have it for my friend rather, who is tired up of working with old gen devices.

    He got an old phone, a personal laptop (4 yrs old) and then an office laptop, there is nothing cheering him up to work on the assignments. He is having simple tasks, which can be completed with a notebook, but he has lost all his interest in the work because of outdated devices with him.

    Please allow me to help him with some new gen devices.

    03-01-2013 09:55 AM
  25. shahmir riaz's Avatar
    Guess what? I don't have any tech-thing in my home. Thatswhy I really really need a windows8 rt tablet
    03-01-2013 11:59 AM
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