11-23-2015 09:45 PM
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  1. yosagojimbo's Avatar
    Hare is my first go at submitting to a photo comp.

    The was taken over the weekend at Pistyll Rhaeadr Waterfall in Wales (we were away for a friends 50th, so I'm surprised I could focus at all :) )

    Anyway it was taken using my Lumia 1520 (win10 preview), sharpened slightly, and boosted saturation using PhotoShop express on my phoneadobephotoshopexpress_6f2fbe28eb9749f7899ee339e55bfaab.jpg
    11-16-2015 08:09 PM
  2. Glauber Braga's Avatar

    Taken with Lumia 640 XL, no filter!
    Porto Seguro, the birthplace of Brazil!
    11-16-2015 08:18 PM
  3. Jez Corden's Avatar
    These are all really awesome so far guys, great job.
    11-16-2015 08:22 PM
  4. DarwinPurol's Avatar
    Lumia 830, Lachine Lake, Montreal
    11-16-2015 08:35 PM
  5. Jack Neill's Avatar

    1020 cropped with APE.
    11-16-2015 08:40 PM
  6. Alstein deCruz's Avatar
    2014_10_26_18_35_19_oneshot.jpg My first experience fishing crabs and prawns at the dusk !! Taken with a Lumia 920 on a small island known as Vypeen.
    11-16-2015 10:12 PM
  7. TLuck Sharma's Avatar
    This pic was taken at my Grand Father's Farm. It was Monsoon. I saw a plucked off flower so I thought why shouldn't I give this dead flower an identity!!!
    Shared files from OneDrive http://1drv.ms/1SUGteu
    RumoredNow and aximtreo like this.
    11-16-2015 10:13 PM
  8. xrs22's Avatar
    Butter butterfly on a wild onion in Mono Pass, ca. 9000 Ft elevation.
    11-16-2015 10:25 PM
  9. yashjpandit's Avatar
    Yeah.....best one...
    11-16-2015 10:27 PM
  10. yashjpandit's Avatar
    Yeah i m in this for this
    11-16-2015 10:30 PM
  11. yashjpandit's Avatar
    RumoredNow great...
    11-16-2015 10:33 PM
  12. yashjpandit's Avatar
    erzhik Good one
    11-16-2015 10:34 PM
  13. yashjpandit's Avatar
    Ombreman nice
    11-16-2015 10:35 PM
  14. Arsenic17's Avatar
    Here is an image I captured of late season freezing fog and snow event while hiking in Colorado at about 9,000 feet elevation. The harsh reality of winter was too much for these tiny flowers. For scale, each flower was about the size of a dime.

    This photo was taken with a Lumia 1020 and edited w/ Lumia Creative Studio.

    EDIT: What is up with the image uploader? When uploading, it shows 100% progress and then fails wit ha red exclamation point and no error?
    11-16-2015 11:10 PM
  15. yashjpandit's Avatar
    Giwan nice one
    11-16-2015 11:46 PM
  16. yashjpandit's Avatar
    Nitish_KSharma mastam....
    11-16-2015 11:49 PM
  17. Vishal Kaushal's Avatar
    This photo was taken through my Lumia 730 and retouched the contrast and shadow in Lumia Creative Studio.
    It was a winter morning in December last year, when i was on my usual lonely jogs. I saw this tree with flowers and many of them had fallen to the ground, so I decided to capture one of them. The colors presented a great contrast.
    I call this capture..."Fall Colors"
    11-16-2015 11:56 PM
  18. Plaban Biswas's Avatar
    Shot on my Lumia 830 using just Lumia Refocus and no Filter or edit at my Hostel in Pune, India on a rainy day. I had two more photos from that day but I guess this was the best.
    Note:- You can save it in your Lumia Phones change the focus using Lumia Refocus.wp_20150301_15_37_59_refocus.jpg
    Last edited by Plaban Biswas; 11-17-2015 at 05:49 AM. Reason: Additional Information.
    11-17-2015 12:17 AM
  19. Chrishan Fernando's Avatar
    Lumia 925 / No Effects / Captured by Lumia Camera Pro App / Captured when i went to Hill Country (Badulla - Sri Lanka) & this is Dunhinda Falls (email <removed by moderator>) wp_20150306_08_05_06_pro.jpg
    11-17-2015 12:21 AM
  20. joankaku's Avatar
    I take this picture using Lumia 630.
    I use Lumia creative studio to edit this pic.
    I took this picture from Kozhikode,Kerala.
    I was waiting for my brother. Then I saw this butterfly. I noticed that this butterfly was very calm and not afraid of me. I took my Lumia 630 and captured it.
    11-17-2015 12:25 AM
  21. RumoredNow's Avatar
    this is Dunhinda Falls (email <removed by moderator>)
    Chrishan, please do not post your email address on an open forum for your own protection... If the Staff needs to contact you about the contest they will use the email you used to register with the site.
    11-17-2015 12:27 AM
  22. psyhound's Avatar

    Photo is taken with Lumia Camera on my Nokia Lumia 630 with just a touch of Lumia Creative Studio.
    Nothing special to say about this photo... It's just a sight I see almost everyday on my way home from work in the morning. (I work night shifts only)

    You can find more of my shots on my flicker, but I can't add my instagram here because it has "a s s" in the link... as donkey, not as the part of body! So my instagram is /sugarcoated_a s s (remove spaces )
    11-17-2015 12:29 AM
  23. Chrishan Fernando's Avatar
    Chrishan, please do not post your email address on an open forum for your own protection... If the Staff needs to contact you about the contest they will use the email you used to register with the site.
    Thank you !!!
    RumoredNow likes this.
    11-17-2015 12:30 AM
  24. Tafsern's Avatar

    I took a photo of this amazing sunset when I was out fishing. It was one of those special moments. No wind, no waves, no noise...just one of those sunsets you stop and take photos of until it's gone.

    I used Camera360 Sight to straighten the photo. Other than that it's straight out of my Lumia 930. I like it! I wish I had my DSLR with me, but the Lumia 930 is a good number 2!

    Took this in Norway, Engelsviken. The island behind to the left is a military island called Rauy, and one of the many islands that the Germans had to sail past to take Norway during WW2. They chose to sail their battleships in on a foggy night so no one would see them, but because of the fog they came to my village first that's on the right (you don't see it) believing it was Oslo. When they knew they were wrong, they kept on until they reached Oslo. Bing Maps - Driving Directions, Traffic and Road Conditions
    11-17-2015 12:45 AM
  25. Ron8719's Avatar
    Hi took this picture while I was in Nadia district of West Bengal. Took the serene paddy fields while it was going to be sunset. Lumia 640xl did the work. No effects =)
    11-17-2015 12:52 AM
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